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Dos Manos Peru Newsletter November 2016

Dos Manos Peru Travel presents you with the best Travel-Stories and high-quality Discounted Offers for the Travel Community of Peru!

Check out here our incredible Discounts on Tours to the White City of Peru and to the beautiful Colca Canyon. Furthermore, don't miss out on interesting details about the Christmas Festivities in Peru!

December is a great month to travel to Peru: Find out how to spend the Christmas Holidays in Cusco and make the most out of your stay with this Ultimate 5 day Cusco Itinerary Don't miss out on these 10 Facts about Machu Picchu that hold surprises for you! Learn about the Tips and Tricks when buying the Boleto Turistico in the Inca Capital Cusco and prepare yourself for your Peru Adventure with the Ultimate Dos Manos Travel Kit for Peru!

Last but not least: Participate in the DosManos Contest below and Win a US$ 25 Amazon voucher!

Cusco in 5 days 10 Things that you did not know about Machu Picchu
Cusco in 5 Days 10 Things you didn't know about Machu Picchu
The Imperial City of Cusco is a fixed bullet point on your bucket list but you don't have much time to stay? Check out this 5 Day Cusco itinerary for Christmas that will lead you to the most important sites of this Inca city! Did you know the Incas conducted about 60 per cent of their construction work on Machu Picchu underground? Read more interesting facts about the famous World Heritage in Peru here.
Boleto turistico The ultimate travel kit
Boleto Turistico The Ultimate Travel Kit
Discover all of Cusco's sights but don't forget you will need the Boleto Turistico! What is this special tourist ticket and why do you need it? Click here to find out all about sightseeing in Cusco! Not sure what to pack and how to prepare for your Peru Adventure? Take a look at our ultimate Travel Kit and find out about important items to pack and interesting tips for your upcoming journey!
Cultural read
Find out how the birth of the holy child is celebrated in Peru! Discover charming traditions and artisanal markets coming closer to the central celebrations in this issue's 19 Things To Do for Christmas in Cusco.
Arequipa counts to the top cultural attractions in Peru and this is for a reason! Find out why Arequipa is called the White City of Peru, and how to get the most out of your trip to the Colca Canyon!
Participate in the DosManos Contest and Win a US$ 25 Amazon voucher!
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