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Dos Manos Peru Newsletter May 2016

Travel News from Peru:
The Highlights and Best Deals for a New Experience

The Dos Manos Newsletter presents You with the best Travel-Stories and high-Quality Discounted Offers for the Travel Community of Peru! Find out Today what the Wildlife Reserves in Peru have in Store for You and get a discount on all Jungle Tours; learn where to experience the greatest ATV Adventure and take an early peek at the colourful costumes for the Festival to honour the Sun God, one of the many festivals that will take place in Peru during the months of May and June taking us back to ancient Inca times. To finalize, donīt miss out on the attractive Deals & Discounts for Tours in the Travel World Peru!

Reasons travelling to Peru ATV tour Peru
19 Reasons why You Should Think Twice before Travelling to Peru Doing an ATV Tour in Peru the Right Way
Thinking about travelling to Peru? Be careful! This country will overwhelm you with its diversity, ancient history and modern daily life. You might not want to return to you home-country!.
Peru offers everything from relaxing tours to pure adventure! You should take into account these 19 reasons before taking your journey to Peru.
If you like a little bit of adventure, beautiful nature and seeing the famous sights around Cusco, you should definitely include the ATV Tour in the Sacred Valley of the Inca's in your itinerary!.
Watch this video to get a first-hand impression of this adventure tour.
Book the ATV Tour now with a 20% discount!.
Wild Peru Cusco Festival Month
Wildlife Peru: Why You must Visit a National Park in Peru Cusco Celebrating: The Festival-Months May and June:
Peru will captivate you with its unique Natural Wildlife! A Journey to Peru covers it all: your hunger to encounter a fascinating ancient culture but also your curiousness to explore a landscape so diverse that many species living there havenīt even been registered! Check out the National Parks and Wildlife Reserves in Peru that should be part of your Peru-experience!.
Now with USD $ 20 discount, take a look which National Parks in Peru you should not miss for your nature adventure!.
Peru doesn't only invite us to enjoy its diverse nature that provides plenty of wildlife watching and outdoor activities.

It also offers us to dive into its cultural traditions that have been preserved by Peruīs population until today.

Experience the ancient festivals that take you back centuries in time and let you discover Peruīs history first-hand!.
Cultural read
The great Inca culture has left us with plenty of mysteries to solve.
Carved into their temples and impressive ruins, we find rare shapes hidden in the stone. Over and over again we will find the representation of snakes, pumas and the great bird condor. Why did the Inca pick exactly these three symbols and what did these animals mean to them?
Located at the Southern Coast of Peru, the city of Ica is getting more and more popular among the tourist destinations in Peru! And this is not only because there are magnificent huge Sand Dunes close to it - there is more! Ica's location in the desert provides unique opportunities for great adventures. Combine with a tour to a winery, to the Nazca Lines or to the Islas Ballestas, to watch sea lions! With the code NEWS2016, book now with 20% discount on your Ica Tours
What do you not want to miss on your journey in Peru?
The 100th winning vote will win a Lonely Planet Peru Travel Guide plus a free Cusco City Tour.
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