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Do you have plans to Travel to Peru this year? Don't miss this issue of the Dos Manos Peru Newsletter! We feature interesting articles and present you special Dos Manos Tours with great discounts! Learn Tip & Tricks of Inca Trail bookings, read our Inside Tips on Green Travel in the Cusco region and check our list of Seven Amazing Outdoor Activities in Peru – and book with discount!

Are you interested in Community Based Tourism? Come with us and visit the local Community of Chwawaytire and the Potato Park, where the local people will teach you about Peru's adaptation to Global Warming.

Finally, this month’s Featured Tour: the mysterious Nazca Lines.

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Inca trail
A lot of travellers in Peru dream of walking on the Inca's ancient tracks to one of their most famous ruins, Machu Picchu: The Inca Trail. But in order to keep the wilderness wild and the nature intact, daily permits for the trek are limited. So, what is the secret to obtaining a spot? Check out our Tips and Tricks and hopefully you’ll be lucky!.
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Green choice
Want to know how to travel a little "greener"? Here are some inside tips for your stay in Cusco – find out where to eat, have coffee, buy souvenirs and how to get around in Cusco and on top of that make it possible to support the environment and local communities in Peru!.
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Adventure activities
Ready for your adventure in Peru? Experience this wonderful country from a different perspective and get a 10% discount now! If you feel like connecting more to the nature and culture, take a look at these Seven Outdoor Activities that ensure an exciting experience.
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Community tourism potato park
Get a glimpse of daily life in Peru with one of our community based tours in the Cusco area. You will be in direct contact with indigenous or local families, venturing into their day-to-day lives!.
One of our most popular options is to the communities in the Potato Park. Learn about Peru’s adaptation to Global Warning from the local people on your journey in Peru while supporting local communities.
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A Cultural Read
Cultural read
Dive into the ancient history of Peru and learn about the stories behind the Incas great constructions that we can visit as ruins today. Peru is full of these mysteries and ancient secrets and the stony remains of the Inca Empire leave many clues to their solutions. In many of them we can detect sculptures of their gods - but: who were these powerful gods? If you want to explore more, let us take you to the ancient ruins!
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In the spotlight
Nazca Lines
Nasca Lines: 10% off!
The Nasca Lines are well worth a visit and if you book now, you get a 1% off! These ancient lines carved into the earth stay a mystery until today. They are the remains of the Nasca people who were settling at the south coast of what today is Peru. Here, the elevated plateau called Nazca Pampa is covered with the mysterious marks in the shape of animals or simply gigantic geometric constellations. Only completely visible from the air, the one fact we are sure of is that the lines were created by removing the top layer of dark rock on the plateau's surface. The purpose of these linages, however, leaves us nearly clueless until today - were they created in favour of the ancient gods? To give orientation for great marches or for reading the stars by the Nasca people? Some go as far as believing the lines were made by extra-terrestrial beings.
Contact us about tours to Nasca!.
See the itinerary of the journey here!.
Do you know what the name is if of the Peruvian Ruins you see on the photo below?
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Wiracocha temple poll
Machu Picchu
One of the seven world wonders Machu Picchu is the almost astonishing remaining testament of the crafty Inca Culture.
A fortified inca complex, located on a steep hill on the northern outskirts of the city of Cusco with dry stone walls constrcuted of huge stones.
Wiracocha Temple
The temple of Wiracocha is part of a larger archaeological complex called "Raqchi" and is located in the South of Peru.
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