Spring is in the air... in Argentina!
If ever there was a time to visit Argentina, the time is now. September through November is Spring, and with it comes mild weather, numerous festivals, and, of course, an array of brilliantly blossoming flowers. Argentina in Spring is sure to be memorable for all that visit.

Buenos Aires Jazz Festival
Music lovers rejoice because November 1 - 6, 2011 is the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival. That includes six days filled with over 150 of the best jazz and contemporary artists, numerous workshops and open lessons, and jam sessions. Last year’s jazz festival boasted world-renown musicians and over 35,000 spectators. This year is sure not to disappoint.

Blossoms Abound
For those of you who love the outdoors, springtime in Argentina is a must. The infamous jacaranda trees that fill the plazas and line the streets of Buenos Aires burst with incredible purple hues and bright green leaves. The ceibos (Argentina's national flower) come alive with rich shades of red, and the magnolias' contrasting white and pink petals are prominent throughout the barrios. The astounding colors that splash the city makes this time of year one of the most beautiful times to visit.

Fiesta Nacional del la Cerveza
After you've studied hard, visited the numerous art shows and photographed the amazing blossoms, you are bound to be thirsty. Travel to Villa General Belgrano to celebrate the Fiesta Nacional de la Cerveza (Oktoberfest). From September 30 to October 10, more than 50,000 Argentineans travel to this European-descendent town to partake in locally-made brew and dancing. Honey and black beer help wash down large quantities of leber-wurst and sauerkraut, and a couple apfelstrudels (apple pastries) ensures any visitor leaves with a smile on his or her face.

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  Insight into the Incas
Peru is a country rich with fascinating history. Tales of the Incas continue to capture the imaginations of thousands, as hordes upon hordes of people travel from far and wide to explore the countless ruins of this ancient empire.

Peruvians are extremely proud of their ancestors, and you will undoubtedly learn a lot of intriguing information about Incan history during your time in Peru. Here are a few interesting facts to get you started...
  • In 1400 A.D. the Incas were a small highland tribe of Quechua people. One hundred years later, they had risen to conquer and control the largest empire ever seen in the Americas.
  • At its height, the Inca Empire is believed to have reached a population of 10 million people.
  • The Incan emperors were polygamous and usually married their sisters.
  • Inca warriors engaged in intense training with an object to conquer fear. The result was the creation of an army of fearless, suicidal fighters.
  • The Incas had no written language; therefore, their history has been passed down orally through the generations in the form of myths and legends.
  • Inca musical melodies were only ever made up of five tones.
  • The Incas considered themselves, as descendants of the Sun, to be superior to all other tribes. Being Inca was a true source of pride.
  • The Incas invented freeze-drying.
Incan culture encapsulates the very essence of Peru. At Dos Manos, we offer numerous guided tours and treks to assist you in discovering this captivating people, their culture, and their history.
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October Festivals in Argentina
The Arequipa Region boasts numerous must-see highlights, including the enchanting 'White City' of Arequipa. Its exquisite white temples and homes are accentuated by the 300 days of sun the city enjoys. The majestic volcanoes and lovely countryside bring tourists year-round, but October brings several festivals you do not want to miss!
  • October 8 is la Festividad de la Virgen del Rosario characterized by numerous events scattered throughout Arequipa's Yarabamba, Yanahuara and Yura districts.
  • October 15 – 19 marks the Fiesta de Santa Úrsula in Arequipa's Viraco district. This festival is deeply rooted in the local culture and includes fantastic firework shows, brightly colored parades, bullfights, and more. A cultural tradition that is sure to pique your interest.
  • The month of October is called "Mes Morado" (the purple month). This is very large religious festival in all of Peru. Arequipa comes alive as celebrations for the Señor de los Milagros (Lord of Miracles) take place. On the 20th of October, Señor de Los Milagros is carried around the city center, and the most faithful gather in churches and dress in purple. Streets are decorated with flower petals as parades maneuver throughout and people feast on picarones (delicious small, deep-fried cakes).
We at Dos Manos Peru can assist you in planning your trip to Arequipa. Trips can be arranged to the spectacular Colca Canyon where the world's largest bird of flight, the endangered Andean Condor, circles. There are other countless must-see highlights, including the Convent of Santa Catalina and the world famous Ice Maiden, Juanita, whose naturally mummified body was preserved by a glacial snow cap centuries after she was sacrificed by the Incas at 14 years old.

  Not for the Faint of Heart
Iquitos is the world's largest city to remain unreachable by road. Nearly 2,000 miles upriver from the mouth of the Amazon, it has a very special personality that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

People from all over the world journey to this jungle-locked city as a base from which to explore the infamous Amazon. River cruises and jungle lodges are plentiful, and visitors are sure to be captivated by the abundance of natural wonder within such easy reach.

But wait! This October has a particularly exciting pull for Iquitos visitors… The Great Amazon River Raft Race! That's right. Thrill seekers from far and wide travel to Iquitos to witness or compete in this annual adventure. Run by the Amazon Rafting Club since 1999, the 3-day race spans an astounding 112 miles along one of the most unspoiled stretches of the Amazon. Each team comprises of four adventurers that paddle their self-made raft along the course. Naturally, there are stipulations. The raft must be built the day before the race, and each raft can consist of no more than 8 lightweight balsa wood logs. Young or old, large or small, athletic or not – all are welcome to compete. The winning teams will be judged on race time, excellence in raft construction, teamwork and stamina.

October really is the best time to visit the jungle capital of Iquitos. How could anyone fail to be allured by a race that goes by the motto 'The Faint Of Heart Need Not Apply'?

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Which Latino dance gets your blood pumping the most?
Almost everywhere you go in Latin America, you can find people Salsa dancing the night away. Right-left-right-pause. This energetic dance makes even the most left-footed person move to the beat.
A sensual dance marked by synchronized movements and an open or closed embrace. There are many styles of this traditional dance and each is characterized by its own flair.
Characterized by its two-step beat and excessive hip action, the merengue is one of the most popular dances in Latin American.


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