No Zika virus yet identified in Peru

No Zika virus yet identified in Peru
Tuesday January 26, 2016
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Peru has issued a warning for women who are in their first trimester to beware of traveling other Latin American countries due to the threat of the Zika virus. Although the virus has not been identified in Peru, health officials implore women to avoid traveling where they may be exposed to this dangerous virus.

Health Ministry official, Constantino Vila, asserts that the first trimester is essential in a baby´s formation of systems and tissues. The Zika virus may inhibit this formation and could cause the baby to be born with microcephaly.

This virus is contracted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Because it is extremely small, it is able to invade the placenta and do damage in the pregnancy process.

This mosquito could cause an abnormal brain growth, which leads to microcephaly. With an average perimeter of 32 centimeters, a baby with a smaller perimeter brain has a higher chance of retardation.

This Zika virus has been identified in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Surinam, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, and Panama. Women should take great care to avoid these countries in order to avoid the harsh reality of microcephaly.

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