Yunza Tradition Celebrated Across Peru

Yunza Tradition Celebrated Across Peru
Wednesday March 29, 2017
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The Yunza tradition was celebrated across Peru on March 19th, marking the end of Carnaval for 2017. While the Yunza is done a little differently in each different region, it always involves a tree filled with goodies.

For example, in every Yunza a padrino is always designated with the tasks of providing the tree, as well as decorating it with random items. However, within the different regions, the padrinos are selected in a variety of unique ways.

In Cajamarca, the padrino is always the person who cut down the tree the previous year, but in Mitopampa, the padrino from the previous year picks the new padrino in a ceremony held at the beginning of the event.

In all regions, the Junza ends when the tree is cut down and all the items fall and people gather the items they desire.

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