This year´s Telethon surpasses its goal in fundraising

This year´s Telethon surpasses its goal in fundraising
Tuesday October 04, 2016
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On Saturday, October 1st, the San Juan de Dios Clinic surpassed its goal in its fundraising event, the Telethon 2016.

The San Juan de Dios Clinic functions as a general clinic for people of all ages, but specializes in aiding disabled children who don´t have the means to get help.

The original fundraising goal of Telethon was 8.8 million soles, and the final amount reached 11 million soles, thus exceeding the Clinic´s projected amount.

The event officially started in Lima on Friday, and the opening ceremony was done by Alfred Thorne, Peru´s Prime Finance Minister. In addition, numerous people from all different areas aided in the fundraising event.

Furthermore, the Telethon was supported in many areas throughout Peru, in banks, stores, and other business that wanted to support the Clinic´s mission.

There was an especially big support from the city of Cusco, where one of the San Juan de Dios Clinics is located. This big fundraising event will support the Clinic´s work in treating disabled children throughout Peru.

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