Will the Colca Valley be an UNESCO Global Geopark?

Wednesday January 15, 2014
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Peruvian authorities have announced they will ask UNESCO to add the Colca Valley (Arequipa) to its Global Geoparks Network, in order to stimulating travel and tourism to this part of Peru.

The Colca Valley boasts a number of important geological sites and the deep and amazing Colca Canyon attracts many Earth-based scientists – next to many tourists.

The mayor of Arequipa’s Caylloma province, Caceres, us also head of the Colca Autonomous Authority or Autocolca and he confirmed that this office will prepare a formal request to the UNESCO.

The Colca Valley in Arequipa, one of Peru’s top tourist destinations and home to the magnificent Andean condor.

To be designated as a Global Geopark under the UNESCO program, an area must possess geographical and
geological assets in addition to cultural assets tied to the local community.

An area must also offer tourism services; the Colca Valley in Arequipa received more than 257,000 domestic and foreign visitors in 2013.

One thought on “Will the Colca Valley be an UNESCO Global Geopark?

  1. The Colca Canyon is very amazing, loved to see a condor flying!


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