Who wants more chocolate? Peru´s cocoa exports expand

Peru´s cocoa exports expand
Tuesday July 05, 2016
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Over the last four years, Peru´s cocoa exports have increased by 250%. Specifically, organic cocoa shipments have grown by 400%. This drastic increase in cocoa shipments shows just how much both the product and Peru have grown over the years.

The cocoa that is produced in Peru is unique because there is only one variety of it. Furthermore, the Deputy Director for International Promotion, Jose Quiñonez, asserted that all of Peru´s cocoa products meet the standards for environmental sustainability.

Many companies that export cocoa depend on the criteria that is expected of international exports in order to content with large chocolate producers. Because of the unique and pure product that Peru produces, it is quickly on its way to the top of the list of world cocoa suppliers.

Peru mostly targets the Netherlands, the United States, Italy, France, and Germany. Recently, Peru´s cocoa has expanded into United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia.

It is predicted that Peru´s cocoa exports will continue to increase throughout the next year, especially the organic cocoa. With this kind of expansion, Peru is well on its way to being a leader in the supply of cocoa.

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