Vote for Lima for the New Global Monopoly Game!

Vote for Lima for the New Global Monopoly Game!
Wednesday February 18, 2015
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In honor of their 80th anniversary, Mr. Monopoly is creating a global edition of his supremely popular board game. Rather than include neighborhoods for sale on the property spaces of the new board, however, players will now have the opportunity to purchase whole cities in their scramble to dominate other players.

To select which cities will be included on the new global edition, Mr. Monopoly is holding an open vote. Of the 80 proposed cities, in honor of their 80th anniversary, 22 will be selected to appear on the new Monopoly board. Lima is one of the cities in the running. On Monday February 16th, 2015 Mr. Monopoly began his campaign in Lima encouraging residents to get online and vote for their home city. The voting campaign, which officially started on February 13th, is set to last until March 2nd. The winners will be announced on March 19th.

Lima, the capital of Peru, was founded by the Spanish as the administrative seat of their new colony. The city is 480 years old and well known for its impressive culinary scene. To vote for Lima as one of the cities on the new global Monopoly board go to

When you go onto the voting page, you can see all 80 cities in the running for the honor. Unsurprisingly perhaps, Europe is heavily represented with 40 contending cities. South America has seven cities in the running while Africa has only four. And of those four, three are on the north coast of Africa along the Mediterranean or northern Atlantic coast. To be fair to Monopoly, perhaps this is because there are more Monopoly players in Europe than in other continents, perhaps. But if it is advertised as a global game then just perhaps it ought to more fairly represent the whole globe and not just a Western-centric world view.

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