Video clip Carlos Vives ensures 15 million US dollars in Peruvian economy

Video clip Carlos Vives ensures 15 million US dollars in Peruvian economy
Monday September 24, 2018
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Video clip Carlos Vives ensures 15 million US dollars in Peruvian economy

The video clip of the song ‘Mañana’ by the Columbian singer-songwriter Carlos Vives has a positive impact on Peru’s economy. The video that has been watched over 2 million times just four days after release shows the Peruvian capital Lima in all its beauty.

According to Sony Music, approximately 80 tourists visit Peru for every million views on Youtube. Figures in the past have shown that music videos and movies about a certain country correlate positively with the number of tourists to visit the country. In other words: thanks to the clip, more tourists will visit Peru, which will have a positive effect on the Peruvian economy.

The director of Communication and Image of Peru Isabella Falco stresses that the video clip seeks to reach the Hispanic-American community interested in cities like Lima. Lima is an attractive destination for this group of people due to its varied cultural offers, such as archeological sites, museums, and art galleries. Vives’ video clip ensures that more and more people get conscious of the attractive Peruvian capital and what it has to offer.

Statistics have shown that most views are from Latin America, North America, and Europe. Tourists from those countries make up roughly 70% of all foreign tourists in Peru last year.

The impact of this video on the tourism arrivals in Peru is equal to the impact of a global marketing campaign which costs about 15 million US dollars. Three years ago something similar happened in Colombia when the same Carlos Vives made a video clip for the song ‘La Tierra del Olvido’, which has more than 67 million views today.

The next step is a video clip recorded in Cusco, which is already planned. Sony Music will soon announce which artist – popular in Canada and the United States- be included in the Cusco clip.

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