Using llamas as therapy

Using llamas as therapy
Tuesday February 02, 2016
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National Geographic has initiated a movement of animal therapy by bringing animals such as chickens, llamas, dogs, and fish, to a nursing home. National Geographic hoped that the animals would aid in the Life Care Center of Nashoba Valley´s therapy programs.

The animal that was the highlight was the llama known as Travis. He visits the home every few weeks and doesn´t hesitate to give kisses to the patients.

Lauren Gaffney, program director of Memory Support Unit, asserts that studies show a decrease in agitation and increase in awareness with the use of animals in therapy. She expresses that animals carry a calmness and a non-judgmental perspective that facilitates psychological freedom.

Though it may not be convenient to have animals visit, Gaffney observes that ´´It´s nothing but beneficial to the residents.´´
Travis will hopefully continue to aid in the home´s therapy programs. When he isn´t bringing happiness to nursing homes, he resides in a large pasture with another llama.

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