Unknown Amazonian Tribe Caught On Camera Near Peruvian Border

Unknown Amazonian Tribe Caught On Camera Near Peruvian Border
Friday August 31, 2018
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Unknown Amazonian Tribe Caught On Camera Near Peruvian Border

Recently an unknown Amazonian tribe was discovered using drones. This clan was spotted in a remote Amazonian area in Brazil, near the Peruvian border. A team of researchers confirmed that the tribe is located between the riverbeds of the Jutaí river and the Jurazinho river.

The National Indian Foundation (NIF), the organization for which the researchers work, is looking for native tribes in the rainforest for over 100 years already. This hasn’t always been easy, as these experts had to travel under burdensome conditions using countless different vehicles, such as special motorcycles and boats. The researches had to cross over 100 kilometers of the Peruvian jungle by foot. The expedition lasted over 15 days, but the discovery was intriguing.

A video of this tribe was released last week. On the footage, we can see a clan of people walking on the plains near Javary River. The tribe did not see any of the researchers, not the drone that was flying around. Also, NIF showed pictures taken during the expedition. These photos give us a better understanding of the way of living of this tribe. Photos show primitive boats, houses, and tools used by these people.

However, this isn’t the only native tribe still living in the vast Amazon Rainforest. So far the NIF discovered at least ten isolated tribes still living in the jungle. They still live from what Mother Nature has to offer. Various medical plants, tropical birds, exotic flowers, and wildlife can still be found in “The lungs of the Earth”.

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