The UK Telegraph just included Machu Picchu in their recent “World’s Best Ruins”

Friday March 07, 2014
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Though the list is not a formal ranking, the inca citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru does appear first.

“Machu Picchu is so well-known and so certain to fill travellers with high expectations that you might think it’s doomed to disappoint. No other South American archaeological site comes close when it comes to visitor numbers and broad appeal,” writes telegraph writer Chris Moss. “But with a bit of careful planning and the right approach, you will find the site as enchanting and engaging as any on the planet,” the travel writer continues.

“The draw of Machu Picchu (which means “old mountain” in Quechua) is obvious: a 550-year old citadel built by the most advanced – and in Peru the very last – pre-Columbian society in the spectacular setting of a saddle between two forest-clad Andean peaks that has been preserved enough to be recognisable as a city.”

The other sites listed by the Telegraph are , amont otheres, Persepolis (Iran), Pompeii (Italy), Angkor Wat ( Cambodia) , Morocco’s Volubilis, Chichen Itza in Mexico, Borobudur (Indonesia), and Petra (Jordan).

Kuelap – “the Machu Picch of the north”- Chavin de Huantar, with it’s narrow pre-inca tunnels and engravings, and the adode city of Chan Chan are aso mentioned as “Peruvian ruins that are well worth a visit”.

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