Two Peruvian Museums Named among the Best of South America

Two Peruvian Museums Named among the Best of South America
Tuesday November 08, 2016
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According to Trip Advisor, one of the most popular sites for discovering the best places around the glove, two Peruvian museums are among the best of South America. Specifically, they made the top 25 list!

One of these museums, el Museo Larco, is located in Lima. Its exhibitions focus primarily on pre-Colombian art.

In fact, its many galleries, all in chronological order, detail around 4,000 years of history of Peru in pre-Colombian times. Its most popular exhibits include the Gold and Silver Gallery, the Cultures Gallery and the Ceramics Gallery.

The second museum named among South´s America´s best is called el Museo Tumbas Reales del Señor de Sipán. This museum is located in Lambayeque, Peru.

It is an archaeological museum that was founded in 2002 and displays history from pre-Incan times. It is most known for containing the tomb of the Señor de Sipán and for its large amounts of gold pieces, jewels, and other artefacts.

The impressive history of El Museo Larco and el Museo Tumbas Reales del Señor de Sipán have propelled the museums to a remarkable spot on Trip Advisor´s list.

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