A “Turbulent” 2017 Predicted by Peruvian Shamans

A “Turbulent” 2017 Predicted by Peruvian Shamans
Wednesday January 11, 2017
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A “turbulent” 2017 was predicted by Peruvian Shamans according to Reuters. Every year on Lima’s beaches, the shamans meet and carry out the rituals in order to see spiritual figures.

Even though the predictions for the 2016 U.S. elections weren’t correct by the Shamans, they have a “safe prediction” in terms of politics and a clear opinion.

Mostly, they referred to problems the election of Donald trump will bring for the future. The major problem predicted will be the expulsion of illegal immigrants, in addition to the worsening of the situation with Israel.

Also, the Shaman Osco asserted his opinion of not supporting other countries regarding conflicts, but instead aiming for peace.

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