Trujillo: New findings at the Chan Chan complex

Trujillo: New findings at the Chan Chan complex
Monday September 12, 2016
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The archaeological complex of Chan Chan is located in the northern Peruvian region of La Libertad, close to the city of Trujillo. Chan Chan in the Moche Valley is considered the historical capital of the Chimor Empire, which thrived from AD 900-1470 until it was conquered and integrated into the Inca empire.

Efforts have been made to analyse the significance of a unique building inside the archaeological complex: the Huaca Toledo is a stepped ruin, measuring roughly 20 m in height and 90 m in width and thus constructed differently than any other ceremonials centres that have been found on the northern coast of Peru.

The 31-month project will help to protect Huaca Toledo´s archaeological structure and will reveal more discoveries regarding its construction material and technique.

“With the implementation of this research program we can define the shape of this imposing structure that has raised the interest of many researchers,” says Maria Elena Cordova Burga, Director of the Chan Chan Project.

According to Cordova Burga, it has been determined that the building had the purpose of a ceremonial centre with public areas. The material used in the structure (gravel and stone cells, as well as adobe) is uncommon compared to other complexes in the Moche Valley.

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