Trekking in Lima is possible too!

Tuesday March 12, 2019
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While most Peruvian agencies sell mainly treks in the Cusco and the Huaraz area, Lima is the perfect destination for outdoor activities. When arriving in Lima, your first impression might be that Lima is a coastal city. But Lima and its neighbourhood have many hidden secrets.

The city centre of Lima has plenty of things to offer, but only some kilometres from the city’s centre you can find a lot of amazing nature with breathtaking views that many tourists miss. Those places are the perfect getaway for trekking and escaping into nature.

Only four hours or 60km driving from Lima, you can find Marcahuasi. This trek begins in the base town of San Pedro de Casta. During this trek, you can find many local farmers and animals. After two hours of trekking, you will find yourself at a breathtaking view with many rock formations.

The “Machu Picchu” of Lima is called Rupac. This Incan ruin doesn’t get that much attention as Machu Picchu but is worth a visit! This trek needs two days, and in total, you will hike ten hours to get there from Lima’s centre. During the trek, you can camp at many beautiful sites. Once at the top you can enjoy a spectacular view or sunset.

Only four hours walking from Lima you find the beautiful Palacala waterfalls in the Sierra of Lima. First, you need to take a bus to Surco village where the adventure starts. During your trek, you will get amazing views and see interesting archaeological sites.

Another tip is a visit to the villages of Canta y Obrajillo, two sunny towns outside Lima. Canta is located 95km of Lima and is known for its peace, quietness and beautiful vegetation. Camping near the Canta River is a must! Only 2.2km away, you can find Obrajillo. Obrajillo is a small town used in many Peruvian productions. Nearby, at only one-hour walking, you find a waterfall and ghost town.

For the adventurers, Cordillera Huayhuash is the place to be. During the trek, you will walk up to steep snow and ice routes. But the landscape you don’t have words to describe the beautiful rivers, ice towers, flora and fauna and lagoons you will cross. You can choose your own route, from 4 to 15 days they will offer different programs.

More tips to visit Natural Parks in the Lima region?

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