Traditonal Peruvian dishes in a Washington restaurant

Friday August 29, 2014
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Carlos Delgado, a Peruvian chef, runs a restaurant in Washington, called Ocopa. He has taken the traditional Peruvian flavors to the capital of the United States. Delgado was born in Callao, Peru but moved to the United States when he was eleven. He started working in kitchens as a teenager. Now he is 24 and he is the chef of his own restaurant. He serves traditional Peruvian dishes like ceviche, canchita and pollo a la brasa with a modern twist to it.

The young chef remains humble despite his success. The restaurant’s website is worth a visit: Here you can start the mouthwatering by taking a look at the photos of Delgado’s dishes. If one finds themselves homesick for Peruvian food and culture in the United States Ocopa might be a solution.

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