More and More Tourists Visiting Colca Canyon

More More Tourists Visiting Colca Canyon
Friday September 07, 2018
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More and More Tourists Visiting Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon, located in Southern Peru, is profiling itself more and more as an important tourist destination in Peru. Nearly 35.000 tourists visited this deep gorge last August. These numbers announced by the director of the Colca region David Valdivia.

This means that the Colca Canyon continues its positive tourism trend of last year, when nearly 33.000 tourists visited the canyon. In other words, approximately 1000 tourists visit this natural phenomenon every day.

Tourists who visit the canyon state that they want to experience the natural beauty and that they want to get engaged with the authentic local culture. The intriguing Andes Condor is also a reason many people want to visit the canyon, as this is their natural habitat. Besides, many visitors have said that they were amazed by the fact that this gorge is twice as deep as the famous Grand Canyon in the United States.

In addition, fact that the White City of Arequipa celebrated its anniversary last month is also a reason that the Colca Canyon received a record amount of tourists. It is just a four hour drive from Arequipa to the deep gorges of Colca.

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