Tourists Increase in 2016 in Peru

Tourists Increase in 2016
Tuesday June 21, 2016
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Tourists Increase in 2016 in Peru.
The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Magali Silva, declared that 75,289 more tourists traveled to Peru than last year. Compared to the first quarter of 2015, there has been a 6.7% increase in tourists in 2016.

Furthermore, there were 276,086 visitors to Peru is April alone, which is 5.1% more than April of 2015.
The countries that send the most visitors to Peru are Chile, the United States, Ecuador, Colombia, and Costa Rica. In the first quarter of 2016, Chile sent 383,487 visitors and the United States sent 176,829 visitors.

Peru also receives travelers from the Pacific Alliance and from Asia. There were specifically a substantial amount of tourists from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia.

Furthermore, many more Europeans traveled to Peru in 2016, with 5,114 additional tourists. Particularly Italy, the UK, France and the Netherlands sent many travelers.

This increase in tourists to Peru from all around the world confirms the fact that Peru is a must-see travel destination.

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