Tourism in La Libertad nearly doubled in seven years

Tourism in La Libertad nearly doubled in seven years
Monday September 01, 2014
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In the north-west region of Peru, La Libertad, tourism has increased a lot over the last seven years. Today almost twice as many people visit the area as compared to 2007. By the end of this year more than 1.4 million tourists are expected to have visited the region. In 2007 that number was 600,000.

Bernando Alva Perez, head of the regional office, thinks the growth in popularity has to do with improved tourist services. “Due to private investment – with new hotels and restaurants appearing each year – and from increased support from the public sector, services are getting better and better. These sectors finance, for example, the construction of access roads to tourist sites,”said Alva Perez. Apart from this, regional governments have allocated more than 70 million soles (US$24.7 million) for road improvements in the touristic areas.

La Libertad is the only region in Peru that contains all three of Peru’s diverse geographical regions: the coast, highlands, and rainforest. Its capital, Trujillo, is a popular city destination, particularly for its proximity to surfers’ mecca, Huanchaco and archaeological site Chan Chan.

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