Top nine exciting adventures to do in Peru

Wednesday January 29, 2014
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Peru is a South American wonder that offers desert, jungle, beach, and mountains in equal servings to the adventurous traveler, according to travel writer Alexandra Baackes.

So whether you’re hoping to kayak across the world’s highest navigable lake, Titicaca, or climb through the rainforest canopy at the most remote jungle lodge, Peru is the destination for you,”, she says.

Presented as a slideshow, the range of activities on offer in Peru is amazing, fun and very varied, from hiking the Inca Trail to the old Inca citadel of Machu Picchu or paragliding over he Peruvian Capital Lima, to canopy climbing through the rainforest of Tambopata in Puerto Maldonado, in the southern east part of Peru.

Other adrenaline-inducing activities in Peru include kayaking, riding an ATV in Paracas, standup paddleboarding in Cusco, sandboarding in Huacachina, surfing in Mancora, and going piranha fishing in the Amazon.

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