Tipon and Raqchi

Tipon and Raqchi
Tuesday November 24, 2015
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Most know Machu Picchu is the main attraction of Cusco, but the Incan capital has much more to offer! This wonderful region is home to several cultural treasures including Tipon and Raqchi, which reflect its rich heritage. Because of this, Cusco plans to promote tourist sites in the Southeast, not only Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley which are the traditional tourist attractions.

The southern Cusco route does not take you to the South, but to the Southeast and is not as popular as the conventional tours. Its less-known status gives it a special charm, however, as it is a place reserved for those who seek a unique and new experience that go beyond typical tourist activities.

Travelers can get varied and nice landscapes as they pass through the mountains, and the wide and beautiful Urubamba Valley offers plenty of tourist activities.

Located just over 20 kilometers from Cusco and occupying 2,200 hectares of land in Oropesa town, Tipon is an amazing water site in which vacationers find themselves enchanted by its architecture. The complex’ original name is unknown, but Tipon is the name it received years later; it derives from “timpuc” (boiling water) and refers to the noise caused by the water running through stone-lined channels at the place.

Further towards the Southeast, in the province of Canchis, is Raqchi: a magnificent place where little human presence makes the trip a very easy one to enjoy. About two hours from Cusco, the complex is located on a plateau, and is surrounded by an impressive wall. The one-of-a-kind sanctuary is made of stone and mud with 15-meter walls. Huge circular columns support the roof of the site. It is a temple built in honor of the Inca God Wiracocha.

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