Threats in Tarma to kill the Andean spectacled bear

Threats in Tarma to kill the Andean spectacled bear
Wednesday July 06, 2016
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In the province of Tarma there is a small community of San Pedro de Churco located close to the Pampa Hermosa National Sanctuary in Huasahuasi.

The people in this small village are threatening to kill the Andean spectacled bear because they say that these bears are attacking their cattle and sheep.

They say that in the last years the bears have been attacking their animals because of the remoteness of the area and because there are not enough people to take care of the livestock.

There have been more frequent bear attacks this year, at least one every month. The villagers want the Andean bears to return to their own habitat, if not they are threatening to kill the endangered bears.

The spectacled bear is an endangered species and is also the only bear to be found in South America. Hunting is one of the main causes for the bear to be an endangered species. Now they have to deal with the threat of the villagers, although these bears are forced to wander into other territories because of the construction of roads and buildings.

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