Thousands flock to the Colca Valley for Holy Week

Thousands flock to the Colca Valley for Holy Week
Tuesday March 29, 2016
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Thousands of people have congregated in the Colca Valley, just outside of Arequipa, to celebrate Holy Week.

This is a popular location for both domestic and foreign tourists alike because it boasts a beautiful landscape. The Colca Valley Autonomous Authority calculated that close to 8,500 tourists flocked to Arequipa to visit the area.

The manager, Dennis Salazar, estimated that by the end of the week, up to 15,000 tourists will visit Arequipa to spend part of Holy Week there.

75% of this group are locals that want to explore the area, and the remaining 25% are from other locations, both domestic and international.

The Arequipa region is happy to have this spike in tourism, as it will greatly increase business in the area.

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