Thousands to Flock to Cajamarca for Carnival

Thousands to Flock to Cajamarca for Carnival
Tuesday January 17, 2017
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Each year, February marks the Carnival season in Peru. Thousands are expected to flock to the Cajamarca region for Carnival this year.

In fact, more than 10,000 tourists are expected to travel to the Cajamarca region for this time of year. As many as 15,000 visitors may end up traveling here for the festivities.

As hostels and hotels fill up so quickly, many people stay with family or friends, or also rent houses so they can be present at this famous month-long event.

Authorities assert that Cajamarca is a hot-spot for tourists in Carnival season because of its relaxed atmosphere, bringing in both domestic and foreign tourists.

Carnival is a tradition that typically lasts from mid-January to the beginning of March, and throughout this time, both Peruvians and tourists alike throw water and shaving cream on each other.

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