Third stairway discovered at Archaeological site Chan Chan

Third stairway discovered at Archaeological site Chan Chan
Monday March 19, 2018
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Third stairway discovered at Archaeological site Chan Chan

Archaeologists in Peru discovered the third stairway in the southwest of Huaca Toledo which forms part of the archaeological site of Chan Chan, situated in the La Libertad region in Northern Peru.

Due to the new findings, explorers now need to review the construction system of the Chimu culture who had built the site of Chan Chan.

According to Maria Elena Cordova, head of the Chan Chan Archaeological Complex Special Project, the excavations show the changes in the construction system at the end of the Chimu era, around 1400 AD. Huaca Toledo might have been constructed for social rather than for religious purposes.

After the finding of two stairways in the northern area of the site and the third stairway in the southwestern part, Jorge Meneses, the chief archaeologist of the project, concludes that stairways surround the site at each corner. In contrast to other stairways, these stairways are not just different in length, but also very steep and have a special construction form.

After defining the whole area and working on its conservation, the area will be opened to tourists. However, Project Curator Julio Reyes also reported that some parts of the stairway had already come off because the stairway is affected by climatic changes. That is why it is in a regular state of conservation.

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