Telefonica Expands its Mobile Network

Telefonica Expands its Mobile Network
Tuesday April 01, 2014
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When travelling in Peru, communication is very important. Thanks to Telefonica, there are pay phones almost around every corner, providing service to locals and foreigners.

Beyond that, recently Telefonica has worked very hard to expand its mobile network. Over 695 communities across Peru have received service, reaching over 700,000 more users.

Telefonica informs that it has installed over six antennas every day as part of their goal. The company in order to keep its contract had to connect 636 communities within one year of its license renewal on March 21, 2013. The majority of the antennas have been installed in Huancavelica, Piura, Puno, and San Martin.

Movistar, one of the brands that Telefonica offers, connected about 500 inhabitants from Iquitos through landlines and mobile services. Telefonica has gone above and beyond its goal and marches on to provide more phone service to people all over Peru.

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