Tambopata National Reserve celebrates 25 years

Tambopata National Reserve celebrates 25 years
Tuesday January 27, 2015
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Yesterday it was exactly 25 years ago that the Tambopata National Reserve was founded.

Located in the Peruvian Amazon, it was established on the 26th of January 1990 to protect its fauna and flora that exists of eight different life zones where 165 species of trees, 103 different mammals, 1300 kinds of butterflies and 90 species of amphibians are living.

In 1990 the Peruvian government declared Tambopata a National Reserve following the recommendations of various researchers.

Every year people from all over the world bring a visit to the National Reserve. The best time of the year to go is in the dry season between June and October.

One thought on “Tambopata National Reserve celebrates 25 years

  1. Happy anniversary to one of the most incredible places on Earth.


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