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Peru´s Wititi dance is honored by UNESCO

Tuesday May 17, 2016

Last week, UNESCO deemed the Wititi dance an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The award was accepted by Peruvian President Ollanta Humala.

The Wititi dance comes from the Colca Valley in Peru. It is normally performed in pairs at traditional religious celebrations throughout the months of November, December, January, and February. The fact that it is done in pairs is a symbol for the production cycle of agriculture.

Similar to how couples start in small relationships that burgeon into something greater, agricultural also goes through this cycle of growth. (more…)

UNESCO is satisfied with Machu Picchu progress

Tuesday February 02, 2016

The UNESCO Advisory Mission to Machu Picchu asserted that it is satisfied with the situation of the Historical Sanctuary. Throughout this past year, the Peruvian State has worked to monitor and observe the status of the famous Incan archeological site.

At the end of January, UNESCO found positive results in the three areas inspected: the Inca city itself, Machu Picchu Town, and Santa Teresa.

Cesar Moreno Triana, head of the inspection, expressed his satisfaction for the work done by Peru´s organizations. (more…)

Peru and Ecuador Will Create 1.8 Million Acre Biosphere Reserve

Wednesday January 06, 2016

Peru and Ecuador have agreed to create a reserve would protect dry forests along the shared border. This project would create a reserve of 1,8 acres in the northwest region of Peru and in the southwest region of Ecuador.

Starting in 2016, Peru’s National Service for Natural Protected Areas will work with Ecuador’s Ministry of the Environment to have the forests of Arenillas and be declared a bi-national biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

“Between Ecuador and Peru we have shared a dry forest. (more…)

World Congress of World Heritage Sites in Arequipa

Monday November 09, 2015

From November 2 to November 6th the 13th World Congress of the Organization of Word Heritage Cities, the OWHC, took place in the beautiful city of Arequipa in Southern Peru.

After four days of lectures and presentations by specialists in conversation and others, the Congress concluded with 180 representativees from 55 countries declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Oaxaca (Mexico), Valparaiso (Chile), Vienna (Austria), Brussels (Belgium), Lyon (France) and Angra (Portugal) (more…)

Trujillo applies for UNESCO World Heritage Site List

Friday July 03, 2015

To apply for UNESCO World Heritage Site list, the lovely city of Trujillo in northern Peru is restoring several properties in the historical city center with the assistance of the Decentralized Department of Culture of La Libertad (DDCLL).

Together with the Municipality of Trujillo and DDCLL, the director of the DDCLL, Maria Elena Cordova has been in communication with the owners of several properties, giving them support and recommendations on the conservation of Trujillo’s historical center.

News from Cusco: Protecting South American Heritage

Thursday May 14, 2015

Experts in the fields of history, conservation and archeology from nine South American counties have met in Cusco, Peru to draw up a new 2015-2020 plan for the protection of South American heritage. The have worked on defining and redefining strategies in areas including conservation, for each of the countries involved – including Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and others – and aims to focus on improving compliance with the world heritage convention, which was signed in 1972.

The most important feature of the 1972 document was the linking together of the importance to protect both natural and cultural heritage. (more…)

Mural Contest in Lima after Mayor destroys Public Art

Thursday April 23, 2015

The Ministry of Culture has announced a national mural contest after the ministry’s director, Diana Álvarez – Calderón, commented that the erasing of murals in downtown Lima was “marginal.”

On March 13th Luis Castañeda, the mayor of Lima, sited a UNESCO ordinance to paint over all the murals of downtown Lima. The pieces was ordered by his predecessor and political rival Susana Villarán for an art festival. Most public reaction was negative, especially from the artist community that decried such a blatant destruction of public art. UNESCO responded to the incident by clarifying that the1996 ordinance cited by Mayor Castañeda gave no instruction to paint-over murals (more…)

Cusco has been approved as the Pro Tempore Secretariat of the Qhapaq Ñan Committee

Thursday April 02, 2015

Qhapaq Ñan – Main Andean Road. All the way from Colombia to Chile through Ecuador Peru and Bolivia the Qhapaq Ñan is the Main Andean Road the ancient backbone of the Inca Empire. The 23,000km network of road was built over 2,000 years.

It was in 2001 when Peru first put forward the proposal for the road system to be added to the UNESCO world heritage list, the governments of Argentina and Chile subsequently joined the initiative the purpose of which is to recognize the rich culture of the Inca Empire and to contribute to the social and economic development of the area. (more…)

Peru in Outrage over Greenpeace Stunt at Nazca Lines

Wednesday December 17, 2014

On Monday Dec. 8th Greenpeace may have crossed the line, literally. In their most recent publicity stunt, twenty Greenpeace activists from seven countries used the Nazca Lines in southern Peru to broadcast a message to the COP20 representatives in Lima. Trekking a kilometer from the highway in the darkness of pre-dawn hours they arrived at the hummingbird figure where they laid out a message on the ground in giant yellow letters: “Time for Change! The Future is Renewable” signed with their name underneath, “Greenpeace.”

Gaston Acurio, Peruvian chef awarded by UNESCO

Thursday November 20, 2014

Because of his positive representation of Peru earlier this week, the Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio received two simultaneous recognitions in Paris. He was recently honored by UNESCO and was also presented with a diploma from the world’s largest hospitality institution Le Cordon Bleu.

After receiving the awards, Acurio stated: “I accept this award on behalf of thousands of Peruvians who perform their daily work quietly in order to build this image of Peruvian cooking which is now beginning to be recognized around the world.” (more…)

New Nazca geoglyphs exposed in Peru

Wednesday August 06, 2014

The Nazca lines are ancient geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert in Peru’s Southern Ica region. They exist of hundreds of individual designs, varying in complexity between simple lines and stylized figures, such as hummingbirds, spiders and monkeys. In total all the lines cover a surface of approximately 280 square miles and some of the shapes reach a size of over 200 meters (the largest figure is a pelican of 285 meter).

There exist different interpretations about the purpose of the figures but in general they believe they had or a religious significance or that they were used for astronomical rituals. (more…)

Traditional Peruvian cuisine Cultural Heritage

Wednesday May 14, 2014

The traditional Peruvian cuisine will apply to become an Intagible Cultural Heritage in 2015 as it merits its place on the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO)’s landmark list.

“What we aim for 2015 is to prepare all needed documentation to request UNESCO to include the Peruvian gastronomy in the list,” said Luis Castillo Butters. Peru’s Deputy Minister of Culture and Cultural Industries.

He has already formally discussed the proposal to apply the World Heritage  with the Society of Gastronomy (Apega). According to the Peruvian goverment (more…)

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