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Almost 3600 tourists visited ancient city of Chan-Chan

Wednesday August 15, 2018

Almost 3600 tourists visited ancient city of Chan-Chan

The ancient city of Chan-Chan, located in La Libertad, a northern city in Peru welcomed 3589 visitors on the first Sunday of August thanks to the Open Museum programme run by Ministry of Culture.

Maria Elena Córdova, heard of La Libertad’s Decentralised Directorate of Culture announced this and that this number is 50% higher that on the first Sunday of July.

Visitors could visit the Nik An walled complex, formerly called Tschudi Palace, Chan-Chan Site Museum, and Huaca Arco Iris. (more…)

Peru: Best Adventure Tourism Destinations

Wednesday May 09, 2018

Peru: Best Adventure Tourism Destinations

According to the Global Adventure Tourism report published by GlobalData, Peru is increasingly considered one of the best adventure tourism destinations worldwide.

Many tourists visit the classic surfing destinations in northern Peru, such as Trujillo and Mancora. But apart from surfing, Peru is also a popular destination for road cycling, mountain biking or river rafting, for instance in the Cusco area. There are great opportunities for trekking too, for instance the many Machu Picchu hiking opportunities such as the Inca Trail. (more…)

Peru: Archaeologists found 47 Tombs in Huanchaco

Wednesday March 28, 2018

Peru: Archaeologists found 47 Tombs in Huanchaco

In Huanchaco, Trujillo, – in northern Peru – archaeologists discovered 47 tombs and more than 50 skeletons being more than 2,500 years old.

Apart from the skeletons, the archaeologists also found ceramics, fishing tools and spondylus in the graves. The findings date back to the Salinar (400 B.C. – 300 A.D.), the Viru (150 B.C. – 500 A.D.) and the Chimu (1200 A.D. – 400 A.D.) cultures.

Furthermore, the archaeologists discovered an individual tomb of an adult that had been buried with eight sculptural vessels of the Viru culture. (more…)

Pope Francis in Peru: visit attracts tourists and induces additional income

Thursday January 25, 2018

Pope Francis in Peru: visit attracts tourists and induces additional income

Pope Francis stayed in Peru for four days, from January 18th until January 21st. More than 840,000 people traveled to places he has been to; among them Peruvian people as well as international tourists.

The expected income of the Pope’s visit lies between 80 and 100 million dollars. Ahora Perú, the Peruvian Hotels and Restaurants Association, announced that tourists spent their nights in up to 3-star hotels. However, tourists usually spend more money on leisure tourism than on pilgrimage tourism. (more…)

Peru Prepares to Receive Pope Francis

Monday January 08, 2018

Peru Prepares to Receive Pope Francis

On Thursday 18 January 2018, Pope Francis will arrive at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima to start off his three days visit to Peru. The Pope will be attended by Peruvian president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and other representatives while visiting the cities of Lima, Puerto Maldonado, and Trujillo. Before coming to Peru, the Argentine Pope will first visit neighbor country Chile. The visit of the His Holiness is expected to have a big positive influence on Peru and its community.

The Pope will fly to Lima on January 18th from Santiago (more…)

Pope Francis to Officiate Mass in Huanchaco in 2018

Wednesday November 29, 2017

Pope Francis to Officiate Mass in Huanchaco in 2018

Pope Francis is coming to Peru next year and with him will be the hordes of people who have been waiting for his visit since it was announced over a year ago.

During his trip to the city of Trujillo in northern Peru, Pope Francis will travel to the beach in nearby Huanchaco to officiate mass in front of over a million people. To obtain tickets, Monsignor Miguel Cabrejos Vidarte, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Trujillo, said that special tickets would be given out at different parishes around the city for free. (more…)

Tourists Flock to International Spring Festival in Trujillo

Tuesday September 26, 2017

Tourist authorities of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo estimate that around 50,000 tourists, both nationals and foreigners, visited the city to attend the 67th International Spring Festival this past weekend.

Miriam Gayoso, Deputy Manager of Tourism of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo, reported that despite the disasters caused by the El Niño phenomenon earlier this year, it was expected that 15,000 more tourists would arrive compared to 2016 due to the recent improvements.

Peru: Domestic flights to connect Cusco, Trujillo and Iquitos

Tuesday August 15, 2017

Inter-regional flights connecting Trujillo and Iquitos as well as Cusco are Iquitos are coming soon. The Peruvian Government is currently working with commercial airlines to offer the ability to avoid the need to make connections in the nation’s capital Lima, Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Eduardo Ferreyros announced on Wednesday.

“The Cusco-Trujillo service is already operating. We are now working on the connection with Iquitos because we want services from northern Peru to Iquitos and from Iquitos to Cusco,” Ferreyros told Andina news agency. (more…)

57th Marinera Contest in Peru

Wednesday February 01, 2017

The 57th National Marinera Contest recently occurred in Peru. The marinera is a famous traditional dance of Peru, and continues to be a beautiful part of the Peruvian culture.

The contest was put on by Club Libertad from the 26th to the 29th of January, and it took place in Trujillo, a city in the north of Peru.

Furthermore, both domestic and foreign dancers competed at the popular event, and as many as 300 pairs participated in the competition on the final day. (more…)

Trujillo: New findings at the Chan Chan complex

Monday September 12, 2016

The archaeological complex of Chan Chan is located in the northern Peruvian region of La Libertad, close to the city of Trujillo. Chan Chan in the Moche Valley is considered the historical capital of the Chimor Empire, which thrived from AD 900-1470 until it was conquered and integrated into the Inca empire.

Efforts have been made to analyse the significance of a unique building inside the archaeological complex: the Huaca Toledo is a stepped ruin, measuring roughly 20 m in height and 90 m in width and thus constructed differently than any other ceremonials centres that have been found on the northern coast of Peru. (more…)

Trujillo applies for UNESCO World Heritage Site List

Friday July 03, 2015

To apply for UNESCO World Heritage Site list, the lovely city of Trujillo in northern Peru is restoring several properties in the historical city center with the assistance of the Decentralized Department of Culture of La Libertad (DDCLL).

Together with the Municipality of Trujillo and DDCLL, the director of the DDCLL, Maria Elena Cordova has been in communication with the owners of several properties, giving them support and recommendations on the conservation of Trujillo’s historical center.

Cleaning Workers Discover Ancient Mummy in Cardboard Box

Thursday April 23, 2015

The discovery of a mummy at Chan Chan this month was not the stereotypical thriller of an archeologist dressed in khakis opening an ancient tomb after thousands of years being buried in the desert sands. Instead, a group of cleaning workers must have received the surprise of their lives when on a routine day they found a cardboard box tied-up with rope disposed at the side of the road, opened it up, and found an ancient mummy.

The discovery took place at Chan Chan, an archaeological complex built by the ancient Chímu culture and located 5 km outside the city of Trujillo in northern Peru. It is the largest pre-Columbian city in South America. (more…)

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