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$161 million in domestic tourism for Holy Week

Tuesday March 22, 2016

The National Chamber of Tourism has estimated that 1.8 million people will travel domestically in Peru during Holy Week.

Every person that participates in domestic tourism during this week is expected to spend an average of $89.60, which will contribute a total of $161 million to the tourism industry.

The Chairman of the National Chamber of Tourism, Jorge Jochamowitz, insists that the booking of tour packages continues to increase day after day, particularly to southern areas in Peru. (more…)

Holy Week in Ayacucho: the biggest religious festival in Peru

Wednesday March 16, 2016

With the anticipation of Holy Week, the Andean city of Ayacucho prepares for its annual celebrations. Huge structures are built, blankets of flowers are arranged, candlelit processions are organized, dances are choreographed, and bulls are prepped.

Ayacucho is rich in history and is perfect for the celebrations of Holy Week. It has 33 churches, which represent each year of Jesus Crist´s life on earth. It boasts cobble-stoned streets, beautiful architecture from colonial times, and a past tainted by the Shining Path era. All of these things come to light during the Holy Week festivities. (more…)

Peru and EU Sign Visa Deal

Tuesday March 15, 2016

On March 14th, Peru´s President Ollanta Humala traveled to Brussels to sign an agreement with the European Union. The agreement details that Peruvians will be able to travel visa-free for up to 90 days in the Schengen region of Europe.

Europe´s representatives will be Federica Mogherini, Bert Koenders, and Dimitris Avramopoulos, of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the Netherlands, and Ministry of Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, respectively.

The visa deal will allow Peruvians to travel to Europe with a free visa starting on March 15th. (more…)

Foreign Visitors see a 7.8% Increase in 2015

Tuesday January 19, 2016

Compared to 2014, foreign tourists increased 6% in the month of November, due to the hard work of the Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry. The head of this Ministry, Magali Silva, has been working to promote Peru as the ´Land of Hidden Treasures.´

Silva has also advocated for the diversification of tourists sites and the promotion of new markets. Furthermore, an initiative to facilitate awareness of Peruvian cuisine was started in the United States, which has sparked an interst in travel to Peru due to the growing fame of Peruvian food. (more…)

Free Movement Agreement between Peru and Ecuador expected to increase tourism

Tuesday January 12, 2016

Jose Sandoval, Ecuadorian Ambassador to Peru, stated “Our projections suggest that tourism is expected to witness a higher growth rate of 10%, I mean tourism on both sides.”

The governments of Peru and Ecuador have an agreement to allow their citizens to stay on a tourist visa for up to 180 days. As most bordering countries do not have such agreements, this free movement between countries is expected to increase tourist flow by 10% in 2016.

Tourism, a major industry in both nations, is already high between Peru and Ecuador. (more…)

Peruvians Visa- free to Schengen after June 2015

Wednesday February 11, 2015

Irene Horesj, the European Union Ambassador in Peru, explained that the visa exemption process for Peruvians to enter Schengen is at is normal path. According to her, this means that, if everything keeps on going in positive directions, Peruvians will be able to travel visa- free to the Schengen region shortly after June this year.

Within the next few months, a Belgian delegation will go to Lima to close the process.

According to the Ambassador, the country owes this positive evolution (more…)

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