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Peruvian Avocado Exports Flourished in 2016

Tuesday January 17, 2017

According to the Association of Peruvian Exporters, Peruvian avocado exports have flourished in 2016. The Association´s data and statistics system asserted that this is the fourth year in row that it´s seen this positive growth.

Four years ago in 2013, avocado exports totaled US$184.4 million. This has increased substantially over the last years, reaching a total of US$445.7 million at the end of 2016.

These high numbers of avocado exports show the importance that the fruit has in Peru´s trade system. In fact, avocados make up 10.9% of Peru´s total agricultural exports. (more…)

The peruvian Mango Grows in popularity

Monday November 28, 2016

The Peruvian mango is growing in popularity, especially in the Chinese market. In fact, mango exports have increased dramatically this past year.

Peru´s National Customs and Tax Administration announced that exports of Peruvian mangos has increased 628% this year.

Experts estimate that this surge in mango exports is due to the recent agreements that expanded China´s free trade agreements. In addition, direct flights between China and Peru have been increased in order to facilitate easier trade. (more…)

Peru´s Blueberries Blossom on a Global Scale

Tuesday November 15, 2016

As Peru´s gastronomy continues to draw more attention across the world, it´s blueberries are also blossoming on a global scale.

Peru´s Exports and Tourism Promotion Board has declared that both blueberries and grains from the Andes are growing rapidly in demand in APEC countries.

The Exports Director of Peru´s Exports and Tourism Promotion Board, Luis Torres, asserted the increasingly popularity of Peruvian blueberries: ´´Blueberries are the next star of Peru´s exportable supply. Only in China, we have a growth potential worth US $400 million.´´ (more…)

Peru´s agricultural exports expand

Tuesday June 14, 2016

Peru´s agricultural exports totaled $1.492 billion in the first four months of this year. This shows a 4% increase from 2015.

Increased exports were in the following items: non-roasted coffee, avocados, cranberries, ethyl alcohol, carmine cochineal, and various fresh fruits. A total of 93% of Peru´s exports were these non-traditional items between the months of January and April of 2016.

The main increase in Peru´s agricultural exports was due to the expansion of its non-roasted coffee. Both the volume and value of Peru´s coffee has increased substantially. (more…)

Peru Berry Exports Rise in 2015

Tuesday January 19, 2016

In 2014, Peru exported $30.0 million berries, whereas in 2015, Peru berry exports topped $94.261 million. Similarly, shipments of highland-grown berries reached $1.106 million, a great increase from the $457,000 of the year before. This rise in berry exports was a pleasant surprise to Peruvian farmers.

Especially in the United States, the demand for berries is rapidly rising. Therefore, if exports continue to rise at the current pace, they are predicted to reach $200 million this year. At a price of $9-14 per kilogram, Peru has tapped into a burgeoning industry. (more…)

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