Peru and Ecuador stand up to Zika together

Tuesday February 09, 2016

Animal Velasquz, Health Minister of Peru, and Margarita Guevara, Health Minister of Ecuador, plan to partner in initiating action against the mosquito that is spreading the Zika-virus.

Velasquez asserted that they have set up traps to survey the mosquitos and have used insecticides to inhibit the growth of the zika mosquito. They have also taken measures to strictly monitor people who have been bitten. Care will specifically be taken to survey travelers going from Ecuador to Peru. (more…)

Rich and famous find Peru a perfect destination

Monday August 25, 2014

South America is being visited more and more by celebrities and wealthy people. Previously multimillionaire Bill Gates and Hollywood star Antonio Banderas visited Peru and caused local media to bring their stay as the news of the day. Nowadays it doesn’t seem to be a surprise any longer for people with several million in their bank account to visit Peru.

As reported by The Independent, Peru is one of the favorite places to visit for multimillionaires around the world, according to an exhaustive analysis by the renowned travel agency Brown & Hudson. (more…)

Simon Bolivar on the white screen

Wednesday August 13, 2014

The story of the liberator of South America from the Spanish is going digital. Simon Bolivar was a born aristocrat that turned revolutionary and freed the South American continent from colonialism. A big budget movie is about to be released. “The liberator” is a 2 hour story. It is one of the most expensive movies ($50 million) ever shot in Latin America.

The film has already had it’s premiere in Venezuela on the anniversary of Bolivar’s birthday and was received well. Soon other countries will be able to show the major motion picture too. (more…)

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