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Peru Moves Up 5 places on IMD World Talent Ranking

Tuesday November 27, 2018

Peru Moves Up 5 places on IMD World Talent Ranking

The Institute for Management Development (IMD) has announced that Peru now holds the 52nd position on the most recent World Talent Ranking. This means Peru moved up five places compared to 2017. The overall score increased with more than 5 points between 2017 and 2018 from 39.1 to 44.3.

This points are given according to three different factors. The first one is the ‘Appeal’ factor”: the degree to which countries attract both national and international talents. Then there is the ‘Investment and Development’ aspect (more…)

Peru Nominated for Important Travel Award

Wednesday May 10, 2017

Peru has been nominated for an important travel award. More specifically, Peru has actually been nominated for 41 different categories for the 2017 World Travel Awards in South America.

Of these 41 categories in which Peru was nominated, 31 of Peru´s nominations are for specific businesses in the private sector. Namely, businesses that have to do with tourism such as hotels, tour agencies, etc.

The rest of the nominations concern Peru as a destination. For example, Peru has been nominated for awards in the categories (more…)

Peru Projected as Quickest Growing Economy South America

Wednesday April 26, 2017

The World Bank projected Peru as the quickest growing economy in South America in a recent study. The study, released on April 18th, predicted that Peru´s GDP will experience a 3.7% growth in the year 2017.

While this number is strong, Peru was originally predicted to a growth of 4.3% and 4.2% over the next two years. However, this number was lowered due to the unexpected floods that recently devastated the country´s northern coast.

Compared to its other South American counterparts (more…)

Peruvian Photographer Goes on South American Road Trip

Tuesday February 14, 2017

Peruvian photographer, Javier Echecopar, went on a 5-mounth road trip through South America with his wife and daughter. The Echecophar family traveled over 16,000 miles in total, beginning their travels in Santiago, Chile.

From Santiago, Echecopar and his family traveled down south to Ushuaia and came northward inland, exploring the mountains of Patagonia, as well as the Andes in Peru and Ecuador, before descending southward again along the coast.

Along the way, Echecopar took photos of the local communities (more…)

Peru Named #1 Culinary Spot for 5th Consecutive Year

Wednesday December 07, 2016

At this year´s World Travel Awards, Peru was named the #1 culinary spot for the 5th consecutive year!

Every year, the World Travel Awards are held to recognize the top destinations throughout the world.

Peru now holds the great prestige of being honored for its gastronomy for so many years in a row. The Peruvian Commission for the Promotion of Export and Tourism asserted that this honor is due to a team effort in Peru.

Furthermore, Peru was named the top Culinary Destination in South America (more…)

Two Peruvian Museums Named among the Best of South America

Tuesday November 08, 2016

According to Trip Advisor, one of the most popular sites for discovering the best places around the glove, two Peruvian museums are among the best of South America. Specifically, they made the top 25 list!

One of these museums, el Museo Larco, is located in Lima. Its exhibitions focus primarily on pre-Colombian art.

In fact, its many galleries, all in chronological order, detail around 4,000 years of history of Peru in pre-Colombian times. Its most popular exhibits include the Gold and Silver Gallery, the Cultures Gallery and the Ceramics Gallery.

Next two years will prove that Peru has fastest growing economy in South America

Tuesday September 20, 2016

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru recently announced that Peru´s economy will grow 4% this year and is expected to grow 4.5% next year. This will make Peru the country with the fastest growing economy in all of South America.

The Governor of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, Julio Velarde, asserted that growth is predicted to continue even in 2018 at a rate of 4.2%.

He says of his country´s growth: ´´Peru´s economy will be the fastest-growing of all South American nation in 2016 (4%) and 2017 (4.5%), underpinned by private investment, which is set to recover and expand 5% next year.´´ (more…)

Mancora: Best Southamerican Beach 2016

Friday July 08, 2016

Mancora: Best Southamerican Beach 2016

The World Travel Awards Declares Máncora to be South America´s Leading Beach Destination for 2016.

Each year, the World Travel Awards chooses the best beach in South America. This year´s award was given to Peru´s Máncora!

In previous years, the award has been given to San Andrés, Colombia; Mar del Plata, Argentina; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This year´s nominees for best beach destination were Easter Island, Chile; Fernando de Noronha, Brazil; Galapagos Islands, Ecuador; Mar del Plata, Argentina; Margarita Island, Venezuela; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and San Andrés, Colombia. (more…)

Peru is deemed the primary culinary destination of South America for 2016

Tuesday July 05, 2016

Peru has been named the leading culinary destination of South America for 5 years in a row. This honor was awarded for the 5th time by the World Travel Awards, which some consider to be equal to the Oscars in the movie industry.

In addition to being the favorite culinary destination in South America, Peru received awards for Lima as a conference spot and for tourism promotion across Peru.

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Magali Silva, asserted that these awards should go to all of Peru, seeing that the culinary and tourism industries encompass a large of part of working Peru. (more…)

New air routes reinsure Lima’s position as key air traffic centre in Peru

Thursday May 05, 2016

The Peruvian Capital Lima has reinforced its position as key air traffic centre in South-America. This is because of the newly announced air routes by popular airlines during this week.

With the introduction of these new international routes the capital secures its key position as airport on the continent. PromPeru works hard to promote the tourist activities in Peru by implementing strategic alliances.

It was announced that the airline LAN will be operating the new Washington D.C. (more…)

The Demand for Guinea Pigs increases

Tuesday April 26, 2016

The National Institute of Agriculture Innovation is a research team that is dedicated to improve guinea pigs in the countries of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Not only are countries in South America interested in this endeavor, but Africa has also expressed interest. Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are planning to host events on food security, and Peru has been invited to said events.

The lead research of the National Institute of Agriculture Innovation (more…)

Peru: the second fastest growing economy in 2016

Wednesday April 13, 2016

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has estimated that Peru´s economy with grow by 3.8% in 2016. This would make Peru the second fastest growing economy in South America for this year.

ECLAC had previously announced an estimate of 3.4% growth, but recently increased this claim this past Friday. It projected Bolivia to have the largest growth with 4.5%, with Peru following with 3.8%. Colombia will grow by 2.9%, Paraguay by 2.8%, Chile by 1.6%, and Uruguay by 0.5%. (more…)

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