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The future looks bright for Peru´s legume exports

Monday July 18, 2016

A new trend featuring legumes has sparked on a global level. Legumes provide lots of energy and protein, making it a healthy option, and, therefore, are growing in popularity around the world.

Specifically, the United States and Europe are in high demand of legumes, so countries that export this type of produce targets these markets.

Sierra Exportadora, a company working to promote and develop Andean exports, asserts that Peru has great potential to capitalize on this market. Out of most Latin American countries, Peru is one of the leaders in legume production. (more…)

Andean products will enter Asia

Thursday June 30, 2016

An agreement has been signed between GB Corp (Peru) and Viss International (China) to facilitate the distribution of Peruvian products in Asia.

This agreement, made at the National Society of Industries facilities, allows for Andean products to enter the Asian market.

Peruvian producers, trained by Sierra Exportadora program, are from the Cusco, Junin, and Piura areas. Their target distribution locations will be Hong Kong, China, and Japan and their target market consists of 3 billion people.

Granadillas Go to the Netherlands!

Monday May 23, 2016

In an area in the Tulumayo Basin, there is an organization called the Junin-based Agricultural Producers Association is a major exporting source of sweet granadillas. Because of the export program called Sierra Exportadora, the Junin-based Agricultural Producers Association is going to begin exporting its famous granadillas to the Netherlands.

Sierra Exportadora will partner with Peru-based Indigo Foods and Nature´s Pride, which is a supplier of produce in the Netherlands. In addition to providing a means of transport (more…)

Peruvian Blueberry Exports are on the Rise

Thursday April 17, 2014

When travelling to Peru, delicious fruit is not difficult to find. Over the years Peru has emerged as a major exporter for many of their fruits. Recently, the blueberries on the Andean coast have been a big hit in the United States and some European countries.

In just the first two months of 2014, the Peruvian exports of blueberries have amounted to US$ 4 million. In South America in 2012, exports of blueberries were at US$ 1 million, that raised to US$ 16.7 million in 2013, and looks as if it will continue to rise.

Peruvian food products to Food Conference in Madrid

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Sierra Exportadora – a government program that helps Peruvian farmers to promote their products – will participate in the international culinary conference “Madrid Fusion 2014” held in the Spanish capital from Jan 27 will Jan 29. A selection of nutritious food products from different Andean regions of Peru will be in the spotligh with the aim to promote the Andean grains, trout, cheese, and other products from Peru’s highlands.
Alfonso Velasquez, head of Sierra Exportadora, will take the opportunity to present a recipe book titled “Quinua Fusión – Cinco Continentes” (Quinoa Fusion – Five Continents. (more…)

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