Novel Vargas Llosa listed on New York Times 100 Notable Books 2018

Wednesday December 05, 2018

Novel Vargas Llosa listed on New York Times 100 Notable Books 2018

The novel “Cinco Esquinas” (or The Neighborhood in English) by Peru’s most famous author Mario Vargas Llosa is listed in the New York Times’ ranking of the 100 Most Notable Books of 2018.

This annual list notes the best fiction, poetry and science books released in the past year. The list is composed of the reviewers from prominent newspapers in the United States.

Llosa’s novel is a political detective filled with hedonism, violence, and corruption. Even though this novel takes place right (more…)

Peru´s Hairless Dog Glorified in New York Times

Tuesday August 29, 2017

The prestigious US newspaper The New York Times dedicated a 360-degree video to Peru’s hairless dog, declared a part of Peru´s national heritage in 2001, labelling it “as important as Machu Picchu” and describing it a “living treasure “.

The 360-degree video produced by the famed newspaper features Clelia Lercari, a professional dog breeder who specializes in the Peruvian dog. “Our charming and ancestral Peruvian hairless dog is proud of the following article in The New York Times,” indicates the Facebook publication of Marca Perú.

NY Times article Highlights Lake Titicaca´s Natural Beauty

Friday July 10, 2015

In her article about Lake Titicaca Karla Zabludovsky of the New York Times talks about her experience at the lake, located in the Province of Puno, in Souther Peru. She comments on how she felt about the touristy islands and how the influx of tourists and foreign species – such as the eucalyptus – are a huge challenge to the environment.

“At first glance, Lake Titicaca’s vastness and beauty eclipse the filth that has accumulated on its bank. Aboard the ferry from Puno, the largest city on Titicaca’s shore, we marveled at the blue beak ducks bidding us farewell from the pier.” (more…)

The Northern Coast of Peru Earns #18 on NYT’s “52 Places to Go in 2015

Tuesday January 13, 2015

This past Friday, Jan 9th, the New York Times published their yearly list of the best world travel destinations. The good news for Peru is that the northern coast of Peru came in high on their list as number 18 of the “52 Places to Go in 2015.” With a cursory mention of Cusco as the ‘obligatory trip’ in any tourist’s travel plans, the NYT quickly went on to say that the ‘often-overlooked desert region’ on Peru’s northern coast is the new, up-and-coming destination to watch out for in Peru.

The newspaper goes on to list the changes various tourist companies (more…)

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