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Lima Debuts New Sports Program For the Handicapped

Wednesday June 07, 2017

Lima’s Miraflores neighborhood has recently debuted a new sports program geared towards their handicapped population: sitting volleyball.

Sitting volleyball first originated in the 1950’s in the Netherlands, combining the games of volleyball and a German game by the name of Sitzb.

The rules of sitting volleyball are similar to those of regular volleyball, but slightly different. For example, while there are still the same six people to a team as in regular volleyball, in sitting volleyball the size of the court is condensed and players are able to block the serve. (more…)

Bookstores Miraflores Celebrate International Book Day Lima

Wednesday April 26, 2017

Bookstores across the Lima neighborhood of Miraflores celebrated International Book Day.

25 bookstores across Miraflores, including Municipal Library of Miraflores joined forces to host the ¨Noche de Librerias¨, or Bookstores´ Night, on the day before International Book Day on April 22nd.

The Noche de Librerias offered customers special discounts in order to encourage reading and promote local bookstores to the public. For example, readers were able to find books that only cost S/5 and discounts of more than half off at any of the bookstores. (more…)

Fire Breaks Out in Lima Shopping Mall

Tuesday November 22, 2016

On Wednesday, November 16th, a fire broke out in a Peruvian shopping mall called Larcomar. The fire killed four people and injured many.

Larcomar is a shopping mall in Lima´s district of Miraflores. In addition to various shops and restaurants, it has a movie theater on the lower level of the mall.

It was in this movie theater that the fire broke out. Officials believe that it started due to failure in the electrical wiring of the theater.

Specifically, it is believed that there was a short circuit in the electrical system of one of the rooms (more…)

New Peruvian Law Will Punish Street Harassment with Up to 12 Years in Prison

Wednesday March 18, 2015

Making a positive step forward for women’s rights, Peru passed a law late Wednesday night March 4th condemning street harassment with a conviction of up to 12 years in prison depending on the form of harassment, who enacted it, and the ages of the people involved. The bill considers streets, avenues, parks, squares, public transportation, etc. to be public spaces and under the auspices of this new law.

Lima is notorious for its transportation system where women are subjected to massive amounts of sexual harassment. (more…)

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