Lima: Most Visited City in Latin America again?

Monday June 08, 2015

The Peruvian capital Lima is expected to win a 2nd consecutive year the recognition of Most Visited City in Latin America.

According to the Global Destination Cities Indexof Mastercard, Peru is expected to reach 4,2 million visitors this year, compared to 3,9 million last year; an increase of 7.7 %!

In 2014 not only Mastercard, but also Euromonitor and Amércia Economía, rewarded the Peruvian capital The Most Visited City in Latin America. Lima finished ahead of other Latin American cities such as Bogota (Colombia) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Peru: still the biggest potatoe producer of LatinAmerica

Wednesday June 03, 2015

Peru ’s position as largest producer of Potatoes in Latin America has been consolidated, according to the Director of Propapa-ADERS, Celfia Obregon. With 4,69 millions of tons of tubers produced last year, peru is now in the 14th position world wide thanks to, among others, the rescue of inca traditions combined with a modern vision of agriculture.

On the recently organized Festival of Native Potatoes, 12,000 kg of almost 50 varieties of small producers have been shown.

Peru is chosen as the best Spanish- speaking country in whole Latin America

Tuesday May 12, 2015

399 Years ago on April 22nd, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the Spanish author known for Don Quixote, died. Therefore the Spanish speaking countries celebrate every year on the 23th of April the Day of Language. And from now on Peru will celebrate as well on this day being the country with the Best Spoken Spanish of the continent.

The Faculty of Linguistics of the University of Chile conducted a research in 2013 asking “Who has the best spoken Spanish in Latin America?” They found out that Peruvians have the best pronunciation and vocabulary. On the other hand Chile itself, together with Argentina, is chosen as the worst Spanish speakers.

Lima is Ranked Number One for Business in Latin America

Thursday May 15, 2014

According to an annual list made by the Bogotá Rosario University, Lima, is the best place in Latin American to do business. Out of 51 cities, Peru´s capital was ranked number one based upon: purchasing power, financial potential, friendliness reputation, economic dynamism, urban comfort, and manpower.

Improvements in Peru´s economy can be seen clearly through its rising rankings. In 2010 it was ranked ninth; in 2011, seventh; in 2012 and 2013, fourth.These results are also based upon other surveys, such as: Google Business, Alexa portal, and important business people (more…)

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