Incan Ruins Discovered in Peruvian Jungle

Wednesday October 18, 2017

Cattle ranchers have discovered what looks to be the ruins of a pre-Hispanic citadel, possibly Inca, in the thicket of the Peruvian jungle in the southern region of Cusco, announced the Provincial Municipality of La Convención. The ruins consist of platforms, streets, passageways, walls and dwellings that cover an area of about two hectares, although the vegetation may hide more buildings.

The citadel is located in an area belonging to the Lacco Yavero valley and the National Sanctuary of Megantoni, a five day walk from an area known as Sacramento. (more…)

Virtual Reality App Launched to Promote Choquequirao Ruins

Wednesday October 04, 2017

The regional government of Cusco recently announced the launching of the Choquequirao 360° app to highlight the beautiful ruins that exist outside of Cusco and that are separate from the great Machu Picchu ruins.

The app allows users to visit Choquequirao, an Inca stronghold that is considered by many to be the “sister city” of Machu Picchu, in a virtual way through the advent of augmented reality. The app was launched on World Tourism Day last week in an attempt to attract tourists to other destinations apart from Machu Picchu that are just as glorious and worth the visit. (more…)

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