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Lima Hosts Ecological Music Festival

Tuesday April 11, 2017

Earlier this month, Lima hosted Selvámonos, an ecologically focused musical festival.

The festival not only hosted a wide variety of musical acts, but also many workshops, talks, and art pieces centered principally on sustainability and jungle conservation.

For example, different art exhibits from Decartón and Aquitectos Medihabitat were featured that displayed unique sculptures created from recycled materials.

Besides these activities, dancers also performed traditional Amazon dances (more…)

Arequipa Prepares for Anniversary

Tuesday August 09, 2016

On August 15th Arequipa celebrates its Anniversary every year. This year marks the 476th Anniversary of Peru´s White City.

The city has already started celebrating its Anniversary with many festivities on August 1st. Some celebrations include the ringing of the Cathedral´s bell and the raising of Arequipa´s patriotic symbols.
Numerous leaders gathered at the event, including Arequipa´s mayor Alfredo Zegarra. Furthermore, Peru´s new president, PPK, will visit the city on Sunday, August 14th.

On Monday, the main event was the civic-military parade (more…)

Tinajani Stone Valley hosts 2016 dance festival

Tuesday July 12, 2016

The Tinajani Stone Valley was named a National Geopark after the urging of the Geological, Mining & Metallurgical Institute. It is located at an altitude of 3,953 meters and is in the Melgar province.

Boasting beautiful nature and a mysterious aura, this Geopark contains sandstones that people come from around the region to see.

This special place hosts two very unique events: the 23rd Autochthonous Dance Contest and the 17th International and National Tinajani 2016 Festival. Hundreds of people gather at both of these events to observe the colorful traditions of Peru. (more…)

Cusco Readies for Inti Raymi

Tuesday June 21, 2016

Inti Raymi, or Festival of the Sun, will take place this Friday, June 24th in Cusco, Peru. This is a celebration that the Incas observed every year, and the Cusco locals continue in their tradition.

As Cusco was the capital of the Incan Empire, the city held much significance, so this important festival was practiced here. The Inti Raymi festival is very similar to the New Years celebrations that we have at the beginning of January.

The Incas chose to celebrate at this time of the year because it marks the end of the harvest period and the start of the vernal equinox. (more…)

Pisco sour festival

Wednesday February 10, 2016

Every first Saturday of February Peru celebrates the official Pisco Sour Day. And on this occasion the ‘Pisco Sour Fest Costa Verde’ took place in Lima at Marbella beach. During this festival over 3000 people participated.

This festival is all about the possible different mixes of the popular Peruvian drink Pisco Sour. Barmen from the best discos and the best bars in Peru come to the festival to show their varied mixes.

Spicy Sour, Sami Sour, Green Tea Sour and Limo Sour were the most popular fusions; those drinks stood out because of their uniqueness and originality. (more…)

Careful with Carnaval!

Tuesday February 09, 2016

Carnaval is probably the only festival on earth where it is acceptable to launch water balloons at random strangers and spray them mercilessly with shaving cream.

This type of behavior can be found in numerous places around Peru, such as Cajamarca, Huaraz, Iquitos, Cusco and Puno during the month of February as Peruvians celebrate Carnaval with all sorts of festivities.

In the past, water balloons have been prohibited by authorities during Carnaval. However, people seem to ignore such prohibitions and continue to use the water bombs as ammunition. (more…)

Peruvian Chocolate tempts tasters in Lisbon

Tuesday February 09, 2016

Every year the ´Chocolate em Lisboa´ festival occurs at the beginning of February in Lisbon, Portugal. Peru´s Foreign Affairs Ministry asserted that Peru´s chocolate stands out among other foreign chocolates.

The festival allows participants to enjoy various cacao from all across the world. In addition to Peru, other countries that contribute cacao include Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, England, and Portugal.

Peru boasts a cacao produced during both the Inca and pre-Inca times. Peru plans to sculpt a chocolate Inca that is 1.7 meters tall and also make a chocolate replica of Machu Picchu. (more…)

Cajamarca´s Carnival Attendance Predicted to be 12,000

Tuesday January 12, 2016

Carnival in Cajamarca, beginning January 23 and ending February 10, expects many tourists for its annual festivities. The Cajamarca Regional Chamber of Tourism predicts 12,000 attendees this year.

As one of the most important events in Cajamarca, many people flock to the city to experience the well-known party in a local setting. President Sergio Caceres Quispe asserts that 50% of hotels are already reserved, and he expects the other half to be booked quickly.

Lachocc Child Jesus celebration in Huancavelica recognized as Peru’s National Cultural Heritage

Thursday February 12, 2015

The Christmas in honor of Lachocc Child Jesus, Nativity Virgin and Native Child or, in Spanish, Navidad en honor al Niño Lachocc, a la Virgen de la Natividad y al Niño Nativo has been attached to Peru’s extraordinary list of National Cultural Heritage.

The festival is every year from December 22 until December 27 in Huancavelica, a city in the center of Peru, with the most important day on December 25.

The news goes around that the Lachocc Child Jesus shows up in different places of the region, sometimes together with his friend, the Native Child. (more…)

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