Peruvian coffee exports will increase in 2016

Wednesday August 31, 2016

Peru´s Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry estimated that Peruvian coffee exports will increase greatly this year.

Last year, coffee exports reached $600 million, and this year the amount of exports is projected to reach $700. Peru exports to 48 different markets, the primary countries being the United States, Germany, and Belgium.

Furthermore, the director of Agribusiness Section, Angel Manero, commented on the low price of coffee at the moment. He said, ´´In the international context, we are talking about prices standing at nearly US $110 per quintal. (more…)

The future looks bright for Peru´s legume exports

Monday July 18, 2016

A new trend featuring legumes has sparked on a global level. Legumes provide lots of energy and protein, making it a healthy option, and, therefore, are growing in popularity around the world.

Specifically, the United States and Europe are in high demand of legumes, so countries that export this type of produce targets these markets.

Sierra Exportadora, a company working to promote and develop Andean exports, asserts that Peru has great potential to capitalize on this market. Out of most Latin American countries, Peru is one of the leaders in legume production. (more…)

Andean products will enter Asia

Thursday June 30, 2016

An agreement has been signed between GB Corp (Peru) and Viss International (China) to facilitate the distribution of Peruvian products in Asia.

This agreement, made at the National Society of Industries facilities, allows for Andean products to enter the Asian market.

Peruvian producers, trained by Sierra Exportadora program, are from the Cusco, Junin, and Piura areas. Their target distribution locations will be Hong Kong, China, and Japan and their target market consists of 3 billion people.

Peru Competes as the World´s Largest Food Supplier

Tuesday June 21, 2016

Over the past few years, Peru´s national farming sector has grown by 3%. The Agriculture and Irrigation Minister Juan Manuel Benites has declared that this makes Peru one of the leading suppliers of the world´s food.

This puts Peru´s farming industry as the second source for the income of foreign currency. Last year, total agricultural exports totaled $5 billion, and this year the total is expected to increase by $1 billion.

Because of the dramatically increasing trend of agricultural exports, officials expect exports to reach $10 billion before 2021. (more…)

Peru´s agricultural exports expand

Tuesday June 14, 2016

Peru´s agricultural exports totaled $1.492 billion in the first four months of this year. This shows a 4% increase from 2015.

Increased exports were in the following items: non-roasted coffee, avocados, cranberries, ethyl alcohol, carmine cochineal, and various fresh fruits. A total of 93% of Peru´s exports were these non-traditional items between the months of January and April of 2016.

The main increase in Peru´s agricultural exports was due to the expansion of its non-roasted coffee. Both the volume and value of Peru´s coffee has increased substantially. (more…)

Granadillas Go to the Netherlands!

Monday May 23, 2016

In an area in the Tulumayo Basin, there is an organization called the Junin-based Agricultural Producers Association is a major exporting source of sweet granadillas. Because of the export program called Sierra Exportadora, the Junin-based Agricultural Producers Association is going to begin exporting its famous granadillas to the Netherlands.

Sierra Exportadora will partner with Peru-based Indigo Foods and Nature´s Pride, which is a supplier of produce in the Netherlands. In addition to providing a means of transport (more…)

Agriculture-related poverty decreased in the last 5 years

Monday May 23, 2016

The Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry declared that poverty related to agriculture has decreased, particularly in rural areas. From 2010 until now, it has decreased by 16%. This means that 782,000 people have emerged from below the poverty line.
The Head of the Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry, Juan Benites, asserts that this decline is due to the bettering and specializing of products that are exported along the coast, and also the imported products in the highlands.

Many Peruvian products are being made available in supermarkets in various cities around the world. (more…)

Mining in Peru Expands

Tuesday May 03, 2016

The National Institute of Statistics and Information recently announced an expansion of 23.40% in Peru´s mining industry.

The head of the National Institute of Statistic and Information, Anibal Sanchez, declared this increase in the mining and hydrocarbon sector to be a result of more copper, molybdenum, silver, and gold that were extracted from Peru´s mines.

Although the production of lead, tin, zinc, and iron decreased and the production of oil also decreased, the overall mining sector of Peru expanded.

Peru once again unites with the International Coffee Organization

Tuesday March 15, 2016

All worry can now be put to rest…Peru has officially returned to the International Coffee Organization!

The International Coffee Organization unites exporting and importing countries in overcoming the challenges of coffee sector. 95% of countries who produce coffee and 83% of consuming nations are members of this organization.

The International Coffee Organization recently held is 116th meeting in Ethiopia. It was here that Peruvian Ambassador´s Claudio de la Puente reconfirmed Peru´s participation in the organization. (more…)

A Quinoa Explosion

Tuesday February 09, 2016

At Coya restaurant in London, officials of the Peruvian Trade Office organized a quinoa tasting for renowned food critics.
Claudio De la Puente, Peruvian ambassador to the United Kingdom, asserted quinoa´s nutritional benefits and explained the economic impact it is having all across the world.

A British importer of quinoa, James Livingstone, admitted that Andean communities in Peru showed much dedication to the growth of quinoa and have contributed to its different varieties of production. (more…)

Peru Berry Exports Rise in 2015

Tuesday January 19, 2016

In 2014, Peru exported $30.0 million berries, whereas in 2015, Peru berry exports topped $94.261 million. Similarly, shipments of highland-grown berries reached $1.106 million, a great increase from the $457,000 of the year before. This rise in berry exports was a pleasant surprise to Peruvian farmers.

Especially in the United States, the demand for berries is rapidly rising. Therefore, if exports continue to rise at the current pace, they are predicted to reach $200 million this year. At a price of $9-14 per kilogram, Peru has tapped into a burgeoning industry. (more…)

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