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Peru Becomes World´s Second Largest Mango Exporter

Tuesday August 15, 2017

It was reported that from 2015 to 2016, Peru increased their mango exports by 1.3%, surpassing several countries to become the world´s second largest exporter of mangoes. In the process, the fruit also became the country’s 5th most exported agricultural product.

Major importers of the delicious fruit from Peru include The United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, another country which tops the mango export rankings.

It is important to note that the consumption of mangos in the United States (more…)

Peru´s Grape Producers Introduce New Varieties

Tuesday July 18, 2017

Peru´s grape producers have now introduced new varieties of grapes to the country´s production, as a response to the non-traditional grapes now preferred by the international market.

Currently, these new grapes now make up around 6.9 percent of Peru´s total grape production.

Of these new grape varieties, there are five types that are currently dominating the market, making up 85 percent of the production of the new varieties. The most popular of these grapes is called Sweet Celebration, followed by Arra 15, Timpson, Magenta, and Sweet Jubilee. (more…)

Despite Floods Peru Sees Growth in Agricultural Exports

Monday May 08, 2017

Despite the floods that devastating the country earlier this year, Peru has seen growth in their agricultural exports. This is largely because the Peruvian government has been trying to rebuild and keep up with the current demand for agricultural exports.

Last year, Peru´s agricultural exports totaled 5.5 billion in US dollars. If current trends continue, this number will come to 10 billion by the end of this year.

Moreover, all of these predications have been done with the acknowledgement that much of Peru´s cultivatable land is still not being used. (more…)

37 Peruvian Businesses to Attend Seafood Expo Global

Wednesday April 26, 2017

37 Peruvian businesses will attend this year´s Seafood Expo Global, an annual international seafood trading fair. This trade fair is the largest seafood trade fair in the world, hosting more than 26,000 professionals in the seafood industry from over 140 countries.

This event will be an important moment to showcase Peruvian seafood products to the world. Right now, Peru´s most popular seafood exports are shrimp, scallops, squid, and anchovies.

The hope is that the exposure of the products of the different Peruvian businesses (more…)

Event Showcases Peruvian Exports

Wednesday April 12, 2017

An event was held in Lima last week to showcase Peruvian exports. The event, put on by Peru Moda and Peru Gift Show, showcased export supply in shoes, clothing, and accessories.

Attending the event were more than 250 exporters and 350 buyers from all around the world. North America was heavily represented, followed by South America, with a few participants also from Europe and Asia.

The event´s activities included a forum on the challenges the Peruvian fashion industry faces (more…)

Peru Corners the World Market in Fruit

Wednesday March 29, 2017

Peru has cornered the world market in fruits sales, as fruits exports from Peru are showing continual growth with no signs of slowing down.

The top consumers of Peruvian fruits are the United States, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Of these countries, the United States imports the most fruit from Peru.

Between the top three importers, the top fruit imported differed slightly. While the Netherlands and the United Kingdom preferred the avocado, the top fruit imported from the United States was Peruvian grapes. (more…)

Peruvian Avocado Exports Flourished in 2016

Tuesday January 17, 2017

According to the Association of Peruvian Exporters, Peruvian avocado exports have flourished in 2016. The Association´s data and statistics system asserted that this is the fourth year in row that it´s seen this positive growth.

Four years ago in 2013, avocado exports totaled US$184.4 million. This has increased substantially over the last years, reaching a total of US$445.7 million at the end of 2016.

These high numbers of avocado exports show the importance that the fruit has in Peru´s trade system. In fact, avocados make up 10.9% of Peru´s total agricultural exports. (more…)

New Records in Peru’s Banana Exports

Wednesday January 11, 2017

New Records in Peru’s Banana Exports were reached between October 2016 and January 2017. In total, exports reached US$128.8 million, which is an increase of 7% from the same period of the year before.

A year ago, the industry experienced a 7.6% growth. The major country who imports Peru´s bananas is the Netherlands, which leads this ranking with around 33.6% of all the shipments. The United States follows closely with 30.2% of all the shipments.

Next to that, other countries such as Germany, Belgium, South Korea, Finland, Japan and many more (more…)

The peruvian Mango Grows in popularity

Monday November 28, 2016

The Peruvian mango is growing in popularity, especially in the Chinese market. In fact, mango exports have increased dramatically this past year.

Peru´s National Customs and Tax Administration announced that exports of Peruvian mangos has increased 628% this year.

Experts estimate that this surge in mango exports is due to the recent agreements that expanded China´s free trade agreements. In addition, direct flights between China and Peru have been increased in order to facilitate easier trade. (more…)

Peru´s Blueberries Blossom on a Global Scale

Tuesday November 15, 2016

As Peru´s gastronomy continues to draw more attention across the world, it´s blueberries are also blossoming on a global scale.

Peru´s Exports and Tourism Promotion Board has declared that both blueberries and grains from the Andes are growing rapidly in demand in APEC countries.

The Exports Director of Peru´s Exports and Tourism Promotion Board, Luis Torres, asserted the increasingly popularity of Peruvian blueberries: ´´Blueberries are the next star of Peru´s exportable supply. Only in China, we have a growth potential worth US $400 million.´´ (more…)

Peru´s coffee exports are thriving this year

Tuesday September 27, 2016

According to Peru´s National Coffee Board, Peru´s coffee exports have increased by 38% this year, thus proving that coffee exports are thriving.

The President of Peru´s National Coffee Board, Tomas Cordova, announced that the period between January and August of this year saw coffee exports total $323 million.

Cordova comments on the fact that coffee exports totaled 2,250,000 quintals. He says, ´´If the weather and pests do not cause major problems, and taking into account the current flowering of coffee trees, we might exceed 6,500,000 quintals in 2017.´´ (more…)

Peruvian blueberries to enter Chinese Market

Wednesday September 14, 2016

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski recently visited China with the intent to open more access for Peruvian products in the Chinese market, particularly for Peruvian blueberries.

The Agriculture Ministry of Peru asserts that this is an important step for Peru´s economy, seeing as China provides access to 1.4 billion consumers.

The agreement will be finalized at the APEC Forum in Lima in the month of November. Before this takes place, Chinese officials will be coming to Peru to investigate the agricultural situation.

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