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Peruvian University Students Design Rover for NASA Challenge

Friday March 03, 2017

Peruvian University students have designed a rover for the NASA Human Exploration Challenge Rover Challenge. 17 students from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru have come together to form the competition group Deimos.

The group constructed the Deimos War, an ultra-lightweight rover that the team hopes will perform favorably when they go to the competition in late March.

Peru is not a country that has been known for its technological innovations. However, Deimos seeks to change this perception (more…)

57th Marinera Contest in Peru

Wednesday February 01, 2017

The 57th National Marinera Contest recently occurred in Peru. The marinera is a famous traditional dance of Peru, and continues to be a beautiful part of the Peruvian culture.

The contest was put on by Club Libertad from the 26th to the 29th of January, and it took place in Trujillo, a city in the north of Peru.

Furthermore, both domestic and foreign dancers competed at the popular event, and as many as 300 pairs participated in the competition on the final day. (more…)

Peru Wins Award at Tourism Competition in Spain

Tuesday January 24, 2017

Peru recently won an award in tourism at a tourism competition in Spain. This fair was the 22nd Best Active Tourism Product Competition.

The competition was put on by the International Tourism Trade Fair, intended to promote tourism across the globe and expand upon the existing products in the industry.

The publication called ´´Peru, Mucho Gusto´´ won the award for Food&Wine Tourism. The award was given by a panel of people in various facets of tourism, whether that be magazines, social media, or otherwise. (more…)

Peruvian Surfer Named Women´s Pro Champion

Thursday November 03, 2016

Peruvian surfer, Sofia Mulanovich, recently participated in a competition and was named Women´s Pro Champion.

The competition, Maui & Sons Pichilemu Women´s Pro, was held at Punta Lobos beach from October 27th to October 30th.

Mulanovich competed against Costa Rica´s Leilani McGonagle, who had a score of 12.83. Mulanovich, however, finished with a score of 15.54, allowing her to take the gold at the Chilean competition.

The Peruvian surfer comments on her big win: ´´I´m happy to compete in Chile one more time. (more…)

Beer Week in Lima

Tuesday October 18, 2016

Starting on October 14th and going until October 23rd, it´s Beer Week in Lima! This exciting event will ensure that numerous fun activities provide the opportunity to try various craft beers.

This week is the inaugural event for Lima Beer Week, and was initiated by the Union of Peruvian Craft Brewers. This is a group of 26 craft brewers who are working to promote the hard work and fabulous product of local breweries.

Lima Beer Week will consist of a variety of activities, such as brewery visits, conferences, parties, tastings, and so much more. (more…)

Peru wins ISA Surfing Championships

Tuesday August 16, 2016

Although the world´s eye is on the Olympics in Rio, another exciting sporting event took place in Costa Rica last weekend: the ISA Surfing Championships.

Peru´s national surfing team participated in this event, and they ended up taking first place in the championship! The players that contributed to this win were Alonso Correa, Joaquin del Castillo, Lucca Mesinas, Miguel Tudela, Anali Gomez, and Melanie Giunta.

Lucca Messina displayed an impressive performance in the male open, allowing Peru to dominate France and Costa Rica in the final scores. (more…)

Peruvian Chocolate Brand wins International and National Awards

Tuesday August 09, 2016

The 2016 National Chocolate Awards took place at the beginning of July in Lima, Peru. Here, the chocolate brand ´´Maraná´´ stole the show.

The competition saw many brands compete in many different categories, from flavoured to truffles to caramels to drinks.

The brand Maraná was honored in three categories with a silver medal and two bronze medals, all in the Plain/origin dark chocolate bar category. The specific products that were awarded medals were their Cusco 70%, Piura 70%, and San Martin 80% bars. (more…)

Another Chocolate Competition in Peru

Tuesday July 05, 2016

The International Chocolate Awards have officially sponsored the second national Peruvian Chocolate Competition.

The competition asks contestants to deliver their samples to Lima´s ´´Cocoa and Chocolate Salon´´ by July 4th, 2016.

Samples will be judged based on the packaging of the product, the actual selection of chocolate, and the taste that it produces. There are various categories to which producers may submit their samples, some including: original chocolate bars and flavored chocolate bars.

Peru Celebrates Father´s Day

Tuesday June 21, 2016

The Zoo in Lima, called Parque de las Leyendas, celebrated father´s day in Peru with a variety of activities for families to enjoy.

The morning activity consisted of a workshop run by the Education Department. Entitled ´´Little Gifts for Dad´´, the workshop aided the children in arts and crafts to present to their fathers. There was also another workshop that focused on ecological themes.

Other events that took place included a dance competition, a goal competition, and a cup-stacking competition. (more…)

Peru Readies Women´s Volleyball Team for Rio Olympics

Thursday May 12, 2016

Peru´s National Volleyball Federation has officially announced the players who will represent the Peruvian team in the 2016 Rio Olympics. There are a total of 14 women who were chosen for this special team.

There is an upcoming qualifying tournament in Japan, so the team prepares for this next competition. This tournament is their chance to qualify for the Rio Olympics, so the team realizes the weight of the upcoming games.

Captain Mirtha Uribe asserts that they will play their hardest in order to bring Peru the honor of going to the Olympics. (more…)

Peru´s Julissa Diez qualifies for Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Taekwondo

Tuesday March 15, 2016

In Aguascalientes, Mexico, a taekwondo qualification tournament was held over this past week.

Peru´s Julissa Diez Canseco won the title of the event as she defeated Aruba´s Monica Pimentel 2-1 in the -49 kg category. With this win, she won a ticket to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Diez Canseco is the first Peruvian to qualify for the Olympics in taekwondo. She has had an impressive start to the year with a win at the 2016 Canada Open and then this recent competition in Aguascalientes. As her training progesses, she looks to triumph at the Olympic Games later in the year.

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