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Bright Future for Peru´s Coffee Industry

Wednesday May 24, 2017

The future looks bright for Peru´s coffee industry. After years of being plagued by the insidious disease, coffee rust, Peru´s coffee crops have finally returned to health and seem better than ever.

Many Peruvians depend heavily on the success of the coffee plant as their source of livelihood. Unfortunately, during the years of hardship, around 250,000 families found themselves in tough times, as around 60% of the coffee crops were destroyed.

However, in 2017 this hardship seems almost distant. This year alone, Peru´s coffee industry is predicted to see a 20% growth. (more…)

Peru´s coffee exports are thriving this year

Tuesday September 27, 2016

According to Peru´s National Coffee Board, Peru´s coffee exports have increased by 38% this year, thus proving that coffee exports are thriving.

The President of Peru´s National Coffee Board, Tomas Cordova, announced that the period between January and August of this year saw coffee exports total $323 million.

Cordova comments on the fact that coffee exports totaled 2,250,000 quintals. He says, ´´If the weather and pests do not cause major problems, and taking into account the current flowering of coffee trees, we might exceed 6,500,000 quintals in 2017.´´ (more…)

Peruvian coffee exports will increase in 2016

Wednesday August 31, 2016

Peru´s Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry estimated that Peruvian coffee exports will increase greatly this year.

Last year, coffee exports reached $600 million, and this year the amount of exports is projected to reach $700. Peru exports to 48 different markets, the primary countries being the United States, Germany, and Belgium.

Furthermore, the director of Agribusiness Section, Angel Manero, commented on the low price of coffee at the moment. He said, ´´In the international context, we are talking about prices standing at nearly US $110 per quintal. (more…)

Peru Shows off Coffee Grains at U.S. Expo

Wednesday May 11, 2016

The 28th Annual Specialty Coffee Association of America Expo recently took place in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.).

This is the world´s largest coffee fair and captures the attention of countless coffee professionals and manufacturers from all around the world. Furthermore, it is considered to be one of the most direct platforms to make contacts and investments in the coffee industry.

Peru´s coffee representation was composed of representatives from the regions of Pasco, Cusco, Piura, Puno, and Ayacucho, and was headed up by Villa Rica´s Mayor Jhonny Inga. (more…)

Peru once again unites with the International Coffee Organization

Tuesday March 15, 2016

All worry can now be put to rest…Peru has officially returned to the International Coffee Organization!

The International Coffee Organization unites exporting and importing countries in overcoming the challenges of coffee sector. 95% of countries who produce coffee and 83% of consuming nations are members of this organization.

The International Coffee Organization recently held is 116th meeting in Ethiopia. It was here that Peruvian Ambassador´s Claudio de la Puente reconfirmed Peru´s participation in the organization. (more…)

Decrease of coffee plantations in Puno

Tuesday February 17, 2015

Due to an insect plaque there is a big decrease of coffee plantations in Puno, Peru. According to the farmers, there is nothing they can do about it.

To survive, these coffee farmers have no other choice than growing coca, because there are more possibilities to sell it, including to the illegal, cocaine traffickers.

However, the DEVIDA (organization which tries to prevent drugs) is looking for a way of regrowing coffee plants, a solution is not found yet and assistance is hard to find. Besides this, there is no budget for projects such as this one. (more…)

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