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Peru: Archaeologists found 47 Tombs in Huanchaco

Wednesday March 28, 2018

Peru: Archaeologists found 47 Tombs in Huanchaco

In Huanchaco, Trujillo, – in northern Peru – archaeologists discovered 47 tombs and more than 50 skeletons being more than 2,500 years old.

Apart from the skeletons, the archaeologists also found ceramics, fishing tools and spondylus in the graves. The findings date back to the Salinar (400 B.C. – 300 A.D.), the Viru (150 B.C. – 500 A.D.) and the Chimu (1200 A.D. – 400 A.D.) cultures.

Furthermore, the archaeologists discovered an individual tomb of an adult that had been buried with eight sculptural vessels of the Viru culture. (more…)

Third stairway discovered at Archaeological site Chan Chan

Monday March 19, 2018

Third stairway discovered at Archaeological site Chan Chan

Archaeologists in Peru discovered the third stairway in the southwest of Huaca Toledo which forms part of the archaeological site of Chan Chan, situated in the La Libertad region in Northern Peru.

Due to the new findings, explorers now need to review the construction system of the Chimu culture who had built the site of Chan Chan.

According to Maria Elena Cordova, head of the Chan Chan Archaeological Complex Special Project, the excavations show the changes in the construction system (more…)

500 Archaeological Pieces delivered to Peruvian Culture Ministry

Monday March 19, 2018

500 Archaeological Pieces delivered to Peruvian Culture Ministry

The Ministry of Culture in Peru received more than 500 archaeological pieces like ceramics, textiles, stones and wood pieces that are part of Peru’s cultural heritage.

These pieces were in private ownership of collectors from Argentina, Mexico, the US and the UK. Some of the archaeological pieces were also found on the black market. The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Peru delivered the pieces early March.

Former owners of the pieces were Peruvian cultures like the Lambayeque, Sipan, Sican, Chimu (more…)

Peruvian region Lambayeque expects 800 000 tourists in 2014

Wednesday February 12, 2014

Lambayeque is a Peruvian region located in the north of the country and that borders on the Pacific Ocean.

The region is mostly known for the Moche (100 AD- 800AD) and Chimú (900 AD- 1470AD) civilizations and the archeological sites and museums related to this history.

According to Vanessa Castañeda, head of the office for tourism and handicrafts in Lambayeque, nearly 800 000 tourists are going to visit the region in 2014, which is a rise of 10% compared to 2013.

To reach this amount, her office will keep on promoting the ecotourism in the region (more…)

Grave of Elite ‘Musician’ from the Chimu Culture

Tuesday December 31, 2013

Archaeologists have uncovered a tomb from the little-known Chimu culture. According to El Comercio they think it belonged to an elite musician from the 15th century.

Archaeologists Matthew Helmer and Jeisen Navarro made the discovery in the Samanco archaeological complex in northern Peru, in Ancash.

The archaeologists found the tomb five meters below the surface. It contained an individual with 20 flutes, as well as carvings of people playing the flutes, all believed to be members of the Chimu elite. (more…)

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