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Marinera Flashmob in Independencia District!

Tuesday October 11, 2016

Friday, October 7th marked the official day of the Marinera dance. As people gathered to celebrate in the Independencia District, a Marinera Flashmob erupted in a local mall.

The celebration festivities began on Thursday, October 6th, at the Plaza Conquistadores mall, a mall in the Independencia District in Lima, Peru.

The event began with four couples dancing marinera. Then, more and more people joined in, until more than 100 Marinera dancers were dancing.

Various artists participated in this event, coordinating with hundreds of people to make the flashmob a reality. (more…)

Santa Rosa de Lima Celebrations

Wednesday August 31, 2016

On Tuesday, August 30th, Peru celebrated Santa Rosa de Lima. This is a celebration that honors Lima´s patron saint, Saint Rose of Lima.

Celebrations of this holiday consist of a procession that parades the image of Saint Rose through the streets of Lima, including the atrium of Lima´s Cathedral.

Additionally, a mass was held in the main plaza of Lima right in front of the Cathedral. Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani headed up the event.

After the ceremony, the parade continued throughout the historic center (more…)

Arequipa Prepares for Anniversary

Tuesday August 09, 2016

On August 15th Arequipa celebrates its Anniversary every year. This year marks the 476th Anniversary of Peru´s White City.

The city has already started celebrating its Anniversary with many festivities on August 1st. Some celebrations include the ringing of the Cathedral´s bell and the raising of Arequipa´s patriotic symbols.
Numerous leaders gathered at the event, including Arequipa´s mayor Alfredo Zegarra. Furthermore, Peru´s new president, PPK, will visit the city on Sunday, August 14th.

On Monday, the main event was the civic-military parade (more…)

Cusco Readies for Inti Raymi

Tuesday June 21, 2016

Inti Raymi, or Festival of the Sun, will take place this Friday, June 24th in Cusco, Peru. This is a celebration that the Incas observed every year, and the Cusco locals continue in their tradition.

As Cusco was the capital of the Incan Empire, the city held much significance, so this important festival was practiced here. The Inti Raymi festival is very similar to the New Years celebrations that we have at the beginning of January.

The Incas chose to celebrate at this time of the year because it marks the end of the harvest period and the start of the vernal equinox. (more…)

Peru Celebrates Father´s Day

Tuesday June 21, 2016

The Zoo in Lima, called Parque de las Leyendas, celebrated father´s day in Peru with a variety of activities for families to enjoy.

The morning activity consisted of a workshop run by the Education Department. Entitled ´´Little Gifts for Dad´´, the workshop aided the children in arts and crafts to present to their fathers. There was also another workshop that focused on ecological themes.

Other events that took place included a dance competition, a goal competition, and a cup-stacking competition. (more…)

June: A Month of Cultural Activities in Peru

Wednesday June 08, 2016

June is the perfect month to travel to Peru because there are a variety of cultural events that serve as essential tourist activities. Starting with Corpus Christi festivities on June 3rd and continuing with other activities throughout June, tourists will certainly not be bored during this exciting month in Peru!

The beginning of June offers processions and dance celebrations with Chachapoyas tourist week from June 3rd to June 10th. Tourists can enjoy the colorful garments, traditional dances, and delicious gastronomy that accompanies these festivities. (more…)

Thousands flock to the Colca Valley for Holy Week

Tuesday March 29, 2016

Thousands of people have congregated in the Colca Valley, just outside of Arequipa, to celebrate Holy Week.

This is a popular location for both domestic and foreign tourists alike because it boasts a beautiful landscape. The Colca Valley Autonomous Authority calculated that close to 8,500 tourists flocked to Arequipa to visit the area.

The manager, Dennis Salazar, estimated that by the end of the week, up to 15,000 tourists will visit Arequipa to spend part of Holy Week there. (more…)

Holy Week in Ayacucho: the biggest religious festival in Peru

Wednesday March 16, 2016

With the anticipation of Holy Week, the Andean city of Ayacucho prepares for its annual celebrations. Huge structures are built, blankets of flowers are arranged, candlelit processions are organized, dances are choreographed, and bulls are prepped.

Ayacucho is rich in history and is perfect for the celebrations of Holy Week. It has 33 churches, which represent each year of Jesus Crist´s life on earth. It boasts cobble-stoned streets, beautiful architecture from colonial times, and a past tainted by the Shining Path era. All of these things come to light during the Holy Week festivities. (more…)

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