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PPK´s administration will invest in Peru ´s sports

Tuesday August 23, 2016

After the summer Olympics just ended, sports are at the forefront of most people´s minds. Even PPK, the new president, has made a statement about investing in sports in Peru.

One of his goals is to provide more opportunities for free sports, and also to diversify the sports that are played in Peru, in addition to soccer and volleyball. He also plans to create a Ministry of Youth and Sports with the intent to get children started with sports early in life.

Doing this will require financial support, which PPK has thought through. (more…)

Peru prioritizes long-term growth

Tuesday April 05, 2016

Peru recently signed an agreement with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development that seek long-term growth in Peru.

Alonso Segura, the Minister of Economy and Finance, is overseeing these agreements. He asserts that they will better Peru´s economy and provide more resources to all.

The agreements also work as a type of insurance for Peru as unexpected events and other risks sometimes shake the economy. Whether that be a natural disaster or an international problem, Peru will have more security. (more…)

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