Most sustainable city of Peru and Latin America: Machu Picchu

Most sustainable city of Peru and Latin America: Machu Picchu
Wednesday April 10, 2019
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Machu Picchu Town is now the most sustainable city in Latin America and Peru. This has been achieved, thanks to the good management of the organic and inorganic waste in the district.

On Friday, the 5th of April, they opened in the Machu Picchu Town an organic waste recovery factory; the perfect proof that the town is now a sustainable city.

This factory can process four tons of waste and produce biochar or charcoal instead; charcoal is a natural fertiliser that will help intensify agricultural land productivity in the area.

The fabric has thee machines: one for compacting, one for dewatering and the last one for pyrolysing waste which is made in the Machu Picchu district. The waste created in the Machu Picchu district accounts more 60% of the waste created in this locality.
Albina Ruiz – Peruvian Deputy Environment Minister and Darwin Baca – Machu Picchu District Mayor, where both present at the opening ceremony of the fabric. Besides that, also Jorge Lopez-Doriga and Lise Masias – Representatives of Grupo Aje and Inkaterra, were present. Both companies helped running the fabric.

Minister Ruiz lays focus on the fact that the start of the organic waste recovery fabric would not have been possible without the efforts made by the private companies, the local government and civil society.

The installation of this plant in Machu Picchu gives Peru a leading position in waste management in Latin America. It will also serve as a starting point for future plants in other parts of the country, mainly in natural State-protected areas.

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